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Hi I am writing because I have had 3 gallbladder attacks over the last 4 months. I have seen my physician and I have to get another ultrasound as they have to see how ill my gallbladder actually is. I haven't eaten anything other than mushroom soup and some toast with jam and I only drink water now. Do you have any other suggestions on what I could eat that wouldn't bother my gallbladder. I keep looking online to find out what is good to eat and what isn't but there isn't any good sites that I come across. Also How serious is gallbladder surgery? My Dr. Said that I could have it done 1 of 2 ways lyproscoprically(sorry for the spelling error) or open surgery. Which one would you reccommend. Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing back from you.
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Hi, I'm a nutritionsit.  Your doctor may tell you that gall stones have nothing to do with diet, because doctors don't know a thing about nutrition.  But the way a person gets gall stones is by eating too much saturated fat.  Saturated fat is in all animal products.  Meat and dairy.  Stick to fish.  Start drinking soy milk instead of cow's milk.  Go on a diet that consists of whole, natural, foods (see the book, What Would Jesus Eat by Dr. Don Colbert).  In Jesus' day the ONLY time they eat saturated fat was on special occasions, like the passover meal, etc.  They ate fish and whole, plant foods like whole grains, beans, fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  I have seen people go who have gall stones drastically change their eating habits and, as a result, they do not need to get their gall bladders out.  I would recommend you try this first because 50% of the people who get their gall baldders out have digestive problems the rest of their lives after that.  It should only be used as a last resort.  And yes, have it done laporoscopically.  Good luck!
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Thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated. I wish I didn't have to get it out as I believe God gives you your organs for a reason so why would we have to get them out. I do have gallstones and they said I have many. Is there anyway to shrink them?? I am also looking into seeing a Naturopath Dr. to see what she has to say. What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks again.
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That is a great idea.  I tell all my patients to see both a tradtional doctor and a holistic doctor.  Both test and treat differently.  I know of no way to shrink them naturally, but a holistic doctor just might.  So definietly go see one.  In the meantime, cut out the meat (all of it...cow, bison, poultry, etc) and just eat fish when you want animal protein.  Cut out all dairy (no soy cheese either.  it's just soy and oil).  Get soy milk and drink this instead of cow's milk.  And no more mushroom soup.  I'm sure it has either milk or cheese (or both).  If you like canned soup, try Progresso Lentil Soup.  Eat it with some whole grain bread for a light lunch.  Don't even too many of the good fats for now.  Cut out avacado's and nuts.  You can have both extra virgin olive oil and canola oil. (In fact, these should be the only 2 oils in your house.)  I wish you all the best :)
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Alright, so what is so wrong with mushroom soup other than the little bit of milk I add to it mostly its water. Also doesn't this Lentil Soup have onions and stuff in it. As isn't onions something that would harm my gallbladder...as any other time I had onions it bothered me. Let me know! You say just to eat fish(what if I don't like or eat fish at all). What is so good about Soy Milk? Any other foods do you suggest that I eat? I don't avacados or nuts either so I'm good there. Thanks again.
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Your gall stones are caused by saturated fat!!!  Dairy products and all types of meat have saturated fat!  Get it???  If you do not get rid of the saturated fat in your diet (including the milk in that mushroom soup you eat) you will NEVER get stop your attacks.  You don't have to eat fish or soy milk.  They are just alternatives to the cow's milk and the meat.  

PS  I have spent 10 hours over the last 3 days helping people on these forums.  I will not be back to see your response.  I'm signing off as I have no more time to give to this.  Must go back to working at the hospital in the morning.  Good luck!
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I have been having gallbladder problems for years without knowing it and I finally opted for the surgery, I wish I had not been so quick and had tried some changes to my diet first, but after the past 4 months he could have come at me with a rusty spoon and I would have let him use it if I had a chance at feeling better.  Diet is a huge factor, but it may not cure you, you may have to have your gallbladder removed, if you do, have the laproscopy for sure, it is by far the best choice, out the same day almost always, the other you will be hospitalized and have a huge scar, I have never heard of a Dr giving a choice! Usually they do the lap. and if complications arise the will do the open surgery, but it is usally a last resort.

As for diet, I found I had an enlarged pancreas and thought I had pancreatitis and went on that diet and I did seem to feel a little better during that time.  While the diet above would be great for you, it doesn't seem like you are that comfortable with it, and if you aren't going to follow it, try to find one you can follow.  I went on high carb, low protein and no fat. I can't eat dairy products, but I usually could handle a little cheese and butter and as I got worse I would become very sick and have attacks when I had them.  I lived on baked potatoes (plain with some salt or a tiny bit of sour cream) pasta and bread, I happen to like fish so I had that for protein.  Maybe you haven't had fish prepared in a way you like.  I like to broil it with some lemon juice and lemonpepper, or put it in a pan and sautee it in lemon juice & a little soy sauce.  Also, try some different types, if you don't like fishy taste, tilapia has almost no taste, and salmon is pretty light, ask someone who works at the fish counter, they can be very helpful in suggesting a type and a way to prepare it if you tell them your preference in other meat.  

The best thing you can do is cut out greasy fast food, or anything fried.  Try it for just a couple days and see if it helps, you can do it for a couple days can't you???  Also, those cream soups KILL me!  They sent me into an attack almost immediately!  Try some clear soups maybe if you r a soup person.  

Try a boring diet a couple days and see what happens, and if you choose to remove your gallbladder, let me tell you, you will NOT eat those foods after.  If I have any of that stuff I have cramping and horrible diarhea, yes it may get better as time goes by, but for many they have to give up that stuff or suffer the consequences.

good luck to you and read up on that surgery and google post gallbladder surgery to see what I am talking about.  I thought once it was out you were cured, but it requires a lifelong change, so be prepared
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