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Gallbladder attacks

I had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago and recovered really well.  Yesterday ate some cheese and had what appeared to be a severe gallbladder attack.  How is this possible?
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Congratulations on your recovery from the gallbladder removal, however, a post-cholecystostomy comprehensive strategy is necessary, to ensure  healthy digestion and G/I function.
You no longer have the "on-demand" availability of concentrated bile, just the continuous flowing diluted
bile from the liver.
Bile is cholesterol dependent, so now that you are on a low fat diet, consumption of "healthy" fats is necessary, but you likely need to support digestion by taking bitters, bile salts
and enzymes.
Also your nervous system including your brain, hormone production, fat-soluble vitamins need adequate levels of cholesterol, so please keep this mind and if you have a concern about the possibility of low cholesterol, I suggest you get tested.
When the gallbladder is removed there may be still some
outstanding underlying causes -which led to all this in the first place- which may need to be ruled in or out.
Rarely does a cholecystomy lead to a trouble-free resolution.
There are more things you can do, but the above are some basic suggestions for your long-term health and wellness.
Best wishes,
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