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Gallbladder pain?

I am totally confused and so tired of this mess! I have been having these random episodes of extreme vomiting, excruciating pain in my belly, profusely sweating and weakness. I've been to the ER 5 times for this problem. They have taken blood (shows high white count), xrays (normal), CTscan (normal), ultrasound (normal), Gastric Emptying test (normal) and a HidaScan. After the HidaScan, I felt extremely nausea for the entire day. The following day, I was back in the ER with the above symptoms. At home, I had 3 Zofran and a Phenergan Supp, that didn't help...thus the trip to the ER. I am so tired of these "random" episodes! I have tried a food diary, but can't see and kind of cause. This morning the GI doctor called and said they are referring me to a surgeon. I believe she told me the Scan was ok, but if I am having those kinds of symptoms following the test, something is not right. I am so ready to have this darn Gallbladder yanked out! Can I have all these tests come back normal if it's still my Gallbladder?

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