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Gallbladder symptoms after surgery

My sister currently recieved surgery for gallstones and needed the whole gallblader to be removed+ she had one in the bile ducted that needed to be removed in which was a whole nother type of proceedure.  She was having problems with high blood pressure before the surgery and even had the surgery performed while having the high blood pressure.  She is still having a lot of pain and they are keeping her pretty doped up to control the pain giving her morphine and dalaudin. Pain was to be expected but it seems she is not getting any better.  I'm starting to worry is the hospital she is in not doing enough or not catching somthing else thats going on. Please help me understand and help my sister in this matter. She is currently still in the hospital and recieved the surgery Tuesday 10, 2008 PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!

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If she had to have a stone removed from the common bile duct it can cause some problems afterward. The common bile duct can spasm not allowing the release of bile from the duct. In addition, pancreatic fluids can back up and impact the pancreas. Both problems can be reflected in elevated liver/pancreatic enzyme levels, and the whole situation can be very painful. It's not easy to stop the spasms and bring thing back under control. If you feel the docs are not doing all they can, please ask for a second opinion.
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This is how I discovered I had esophagitis with esophageal spasms--my gall bladder was removed (in the days before they took it out through a keyhole), it wasn't active and not the cause of trouble, and the symptoms were unrelieved.

It's a thought.
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Hi everyone well lets see its been about 5 months since i had my gallbladder removed and i can not begin to tell anyone how much better i feel. It is a night and day difference but of course i fought my disease for three years before it was found that my gallbladder was the reason for feeling so horrible. My surgery did not go as planned us see when i was 18 months old i had another desease i can not remember the name any more but basically my body was trying to pass my own intestines and they stopped working all togeather. My oldest sister told me a horror story about me throwing up a bowl movement when she was babysitting me this really made me relise juse how sick i was when i was a baby and really freaked me the @?!!$% out. Anyway i was the first baby to survive this desease it only took three operations and a bout of gangreen after the second that made my stomach blow up like a ballon and pop; I was told that should of killed me right a way and that the doctors at the time had know idea why i was not dead but my heart kept on a pumping and i like to beleave that God sent an angel my way for both me and the doctor for insperation. But to get back to the gallbladder thing I had tons of scar tissue from those earlier operations so that when my doctor went to the scope he could not even get a puff of air into my abdomen so he had to open me up all the way. He fallowed my old scar that had for some reason grown with me over the years removed all my scare tissue fixed a hernea I'd had since i was 18 months old and removed my gallbladder and in the process allso removed all the adheasions on my intestines. He later told me that there was not a single inch of my intestines that did not have scare tissue and had attached its self to something like my abdominal wall or what ever they could attach to. I spent six weeks of recover at home because of the large incession but in the end I was allot better off there will never be enough words to describe the difference in how i felt and how i fell now
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