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Gallbladder type pain 17 months post open cholecystectomy

I do hope someone out there can give me some good advice quickly - I'm really suffering.  I have a long and complicated abdominal history most of which I won't go into here.  However, I was diagnosed with C-Diff Colitis or Pseudomembraneous Colitis due to excessive antibiotic treatment for chronic sinus infections roughly 4 years ago.  Flagyl no longer controls the colitis flare when I do have to take antibiotics.  17 months ago I had an open cholecystectomy due to a ruptured gallbladder.  My surgeon has relocated to another city and other surgeons in this area are hesitant to take my case due to its complexity.  Four days ago I noticed the beginnings of pain in the same location (ruq) as I had when I had my gallbladder removed.  Obviously, it can't be a gallbladder attack.  The pain has increasingly intensified over these four days until now my whole gut hurts - especially when I take a deep breath inward.  I've begun running a low-grade (max 100.7) fever, and today the pain has spread to my lower back - both sides but primarily the right.  I can't find a comfortable position - sitting, standing or laying.  I contacted my family doctor the day after this began and he ordered me 6 days of oral Levaquin, 80mgs of Prednisone for 6 days, and 5mg hydrocodone for the pain.  I have taken the meds faithfully - although the Levaquin is killing my colitis - but no change.  I only seem to be getting worse.  I hate to run to the ER to say I have a stomach ache, but I'm getting desperate now.  Any ideas out there?  Thanks so Much!
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Hi, I'm a nutritionist.  Not a dr.  So I can't say what your problems are or why you are having them.  However, I can tell you that people who get their gall bladders out, often have the same pain after that they had before.  What triggers it is almost always greasy foods (anything fried, or even peanut butter) and saturated fat.  Saturated fat is in all meats (cow, pig, poultry,etc.) and all dairy products.  You might switch to soy milk from cow's milk.  Eat lots of whole grains, like whole wheat bread, oatmeal, brown rice, etc.  Eat raw vegetable salads, raw fruit and beans (as in bean soup). Eat fish instead of meat.  And stay away from all saturated fat.  Try this for a month and see if it helps.  Good luck!
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You've been on a lot of antibiotics.  So you MUST replinish your guts intestinal flora so that you don't develop bowel problems.  (Antibiotic kills the bad bacteria but they also kill off all the good bacteria in our guts too.  We need that bacteria to help us digest fats and to absorb the nutrients from our foods.)  Take a probiotic called Primal Defense Ultra by Garden of Life.  Get the capsules.  It's the best probiotic on the market.  You can order it by calling 1-877-673-0224 cheaper than what the health food stores usually sell it for. (To learn more about this condition, get the book, The Body Ecology Diet, by Donna Gates.)  Good Luck1
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I just reread your post.  I didn't realize that, in addition to the gall bladder problem, you have colitis.  And you've been on antibiotics for it that no longer work.  You MUST get the book, The Body Ecolgoy Diet, by Donna Gates as soon as possible.  Don't follow the instructions on eating right for your blood type.  As she says, it's just a theory.  And one that makes no sense.  Follow the rest though as close as you can.  She also talks about making raw cultured vegetables.  You will definitely need to start eating these.  But don't try to make them yourself.  It's too hard.  Instead, buy them from your health food store.  They are by a company called, Rejuvenative Foods.  Get the salt-free Vegi-Delite.  And get that probiotic I told you about.  Good luck!
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Also get the book, The Makers Diet (I can't remember the author, sorry)
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Thanks for posting these suggestions.  I am definitely aware of probiotics and have already made them a part of my daily diet, as well as, macronutrients.  I'm looking forward to reaading the book however.  As it would turn out, I was, at my original posting, suffering a raging bout of pancreatitis and a slowly rupturing appendix.  I have numerous pancreatic cysts that need to be dealt with and a colonoscopy in my future.  Yippee!  But after getting the pancreatitis under control - for the moment - I'm feeling much better.  Unfortunately, during the three days I spent in the hospital dealing with this, my employer - MD Anderson Cancer Center of all esteemed healing places - packed my personal belongings from my office and sent them to my doorstep.  That's how I found out I was terminated - because this happened while I was stil within my six month probationary period.  I STILL haven't received a message, note or letter from them.  I had to call HR to find out what was going on.  Please send your good thoughts for a new and better job.  And thanks again for your help.  Good Health for us all!
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I'm so sorry about all that you are going through.  Truly I am.  I will not only "send good thoughts for a new and better job" I will pray to God, who loves you dearly.  "Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not unto your own understanding, In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths."  Proverbs 3:4-5

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