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Gallbladder viral infection


I've been under nausea for 4 days and I did an abdominal echography today. The physician there didnt mention much but suggested that I have gallbladder viral infection. No gallstones appear.
My question is: Could I have any type of Hepatitis related to Gallbladder??

I've had a passing fever last week for one day. I also have very dark urine, all day long fatigue and a yellow skin for 2 days.

Thank you.
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If you have yellow skin, dark urine, and fever, you should go to the emergency room. Those are all symptoms of gallbladder bile duct obstruction and inflammation. You need medical attention and I wouldn't wait too long.

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get medical attention, these are signs of jaundice which should not be ignored. as starbuck says it's most likley due to bile duct obstruction from you gallbladder problems- but it needs checking out.

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