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Some months ago, I was told that my CBC stated my liver was slightly enlarged. Though no signs of Hep. And a otherwise normal CBC. So the DR sent me to get a u/s series(liver scan) and that was the last I've been able "test" or see the DR. Its super hard to get an appt. No insurance. ;(
However, it wasn't UNTIL then that I began to notice issues with my upper right quadrant. I am a MA and I know a bit about this stuff. I suspect my gallbladder, though upon looking at my results and speaking very briefly with a urgent care DR, my results are all normal. He says if anything was wrong w/ my gallbladder it would have shown. He said he suspected a muscle strain. But I beg to differ seeing as its been months and it still happens.
My symptoms are as follows: sharp, short pains under the right rib area at no particular time of day, sometimes I feel like something in that whole area is "throbbing" or "shaking", and shortly after I eat meals or during meals I almost feel as if the right side is "growling" as if my stomach would. The pain has never led me to take any pain relievers. It truly isn't that bad. Its very bare-able seeing as they are so short and just periodic through the day. I notice certain symptoms more than others.
And I should probably state the following: I am a "obese" 26yr old, otherwise always in normal good health. No high cholest. or diabetes. I have diabetes in my family however. As well as diverticulitis and diverticulosis(i think its called?!). I have been diagnosed with GERD/HeartBurn however, I am able to keep that under control very well. I lost some weight and the problem relieved itself. I only have to take anti-acids occasionally. No other meds needed for it.
Also, only twice now I also got a sharp pain in my actual stomach, but under the rib area as well(almost identical to the same area on the opposite side) which I always thought may have been my acid's acting up again. Could it be possable I have a over-active acidic issue? Or do you suspect the gallbladder as well? No one has ever had their gallbladder removed in my family. I suspect it may be IBS too...my bm's have never been normal. I have one about every other day to every two days. My dad is the same..its just how we always have been.
Anywho, I hope I painted a clear picture and included any info needed here. Either way I know it is my digestive system. I know I am not on the best diet, but I drink tons of water...tons. Some insight on what to do next or what you may suspect it is, would be most helpful. Thank you so much.
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My husband had similar problems....but his pain was across his abdomen above the belly button with nausea and sweating.  We discovered after 3 ER trips he had severe pancreatitis caused by a 'sludge' blockage in his common bile duct.  His liver enzymes were elevated 2nd time to the ER and was advised to repeat the test in 6 weeks....too late then.  Go to a Gastroenterologist, because they can check that duct.....and do a CT on your pancreas and more extensive gall bladder tests....they never saw stones or anything.  When he finally got well enough to undergo the gall bladder surgery, it was diseased, but no stones.  
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