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Gallblader Surgery

Why aren't other ways to treat gallstone beside surgery?  Why should a young person get surgery and have to remove their gallblader?  Is surgery the only alternative to treatment?  
Will gallblader burst and kill you if you have stones?  Please advise.  
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There are other ways to treat the problem, but there's a lot of variables involved with each person.  It's good to get as many tests and evidence of what's going on as you can to have a better idea whether you should try to go it on your own.  My daughter was 30 when she started having what turned out to be gallstone attacks.  By the time they finally diagnosed her correctly after more than a year, she had scarring on her pancreas and was on her way to pancreatitis.  Jaybay on this board can tell you her experience of severe scar tissue that causes her much grief to this day.  
But it certainly is possible to deal with stones naturally.  But get the facts and know what your doing if you decide to go that route.
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