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Gallstones & Pancreatitis

I just got out of the hospital, diagonosed with gallstones and pancreatitis. Doc said I will need to have gallbladder removed. I have been reserching some on the internet and I have a few concerns.

Me- 39 year old Female, 214 pounds (ugh), otherwise healthy and active, Vegatarian diet- No meats, No fried foods!!

First off, I am pretty sure I got the gallstones from doing too many fasting cleanses! The first few attacks I had was during a cleanse! And I lost 60 pounds in about 6 months with little effort- NOT from fasting. I understand rapid weight loss can cause gallstones too.

I also rapidly gained back about 40 pounds in the last year, and can't seem to loose a single pound no matter what I do!!! I asked the doctor about this and he said it could be due to the gallstones/pancreatitis, and my body not being able to digest food properly. And that I will probably loose weight after having gallbladder removed. IS this true??

I am concerned about having the surgery because I see that allot of people say the GAIN weight afterwards!! But I also wonder if this is due to them being able to eat more foods??
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I'm sorry you're having a hard time. I had gall bladder problems and couldn't seem to loose ten pounds. I was chronically tired and bloated. I'm also vegetarian (except for fish). After surgery, it did seems that my body worked better and it was easier to loose weight.

If you are only doing the surgery to loose weight, you may want to take a closer look at what you're eating. No meat and no fried foods does not automatically translate into thin. I can eat a lot of rice, potatoes, and cereal and pack on the pounds. Don't get me started on the sugar! I have such a sweet tooth.

I don't think gall bladder surgery is to blame for people putting on weight after the fact, unless it's because they can eat without pain now so they eat more than they should.

Do your research and make sure you do the surgery for the right reasons (hopefully to feel better). Good Luck!!

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