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April 2008- Went to the hospital since I was having kidney pain that lasted for two weeks.
Low level of blood in my urine.
Normal CT scan.
Diagnosis- Kidney stones
Pain resided.

3 weeks ago-
Kidney pain came back just as severe.
High level of blood in my urine.
Normal CT scan
Diagnosis: Kidney stones
-Felt something (A stone?) move from my kidney to my bladder... havent passed any stones though

My doctor is unsure of why I am having a lot of pain and CT scan is coming up normal... so I got a refferal for a Urologist. My apt is on the 20th of this month.

Newest symptoms...
Clay colored stool- 80% of the time- last two weeks
Pain in my right shoulder, that started 3 days ago... towards the top... doesnt feel like a pulled muscle... it just throbs... hurts worse when I breath in...  Between my spine and shoulder

I was wondering if maybe I could be showing signs of Gallstones and not kidney stones?

My pain has been on the right, mid part of my back under my ribs. Occassional lower abdominal pain.

Gall stones a possibility? Would anything show up on a CT scan? Thank you!
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Actually, you have a few possibilities here, but I'm going to direct you to go to a good acupuncturist (particularly one which deals with herbs). What you may be dealing with here is a general weakening of some of your systems. This first shows up in your gallbladder and kidneys, but stomach and pancreas issues sometimes arise thereafter. (I don't know the specifics, but it has to do with what they consider lack of heat in certain regions. Stones are usually the result of a "diseased" or "weak" organ.)

Can you be having gallstones? Possibly. Another possibility is biliary dyskinesia, which would indicate a weakening of the gallbladder for one reason or another.

You might also want to see a chiropractor. (Though I wouldn't recommend an acupuncturist who is also a chiropractor: they seem not to be as good as those who stick to one area.) A lot of problems like this arise form issues with subluxations in the celiac plexus region of the back. When those nerves are affected, many of your internal organs are.

Good luck with this, and sorry I could not be more specific.
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