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Gas pain or what???

I had never experienced constipation until I had to start taking many medications for heart and Parkinson  Recently I had a issue with constipation and after finally resolving that I had about 15-20 minutes the following day of some of the most severe pain ever.  I compared it to what I call gas pains only it was constant.  After the pain I went into diarrhea for about eighteen hours  Just below my belt line I had pain all the way across for several hours, the next morning I was much better.  I took stool softeners and Dulcolax for the constipation.  I have had gas pains as severe but only for moments, this was constant for 15-20 minutes, I have been having trouble with my gallbladder and do have gallstones  This pain was not the same as any of the gallbladder problems I have had, anyone experience this?.
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gallstone pain is usually higher up, under the right rib cage. Sounds like it gas pains. Medications can for sure cause constipation, which in turn causes gas build, and is probably whats happening. I would mention these side effects to your doctor and see if they can either switch your medications, or give you something to help.

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