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Gassy and belching if I do not eat for a few hours?!


I have acid reflex (dry and sore throat, chest pain etc - classic symptoms!!)  

Have been tested for H Pylori - negative.
Plus done Barium swallow - all OK

Aside from Acid reflux, I get very gassy (belching) after meals and especially if I do not eat for a few hours, and leave a window between meals?

I spoke to a nutritionist who said it could be a yeast infection or imbalance of gut bacteria.

Could it be a hernia / stomach ulcer? Any ideas?

Thank you in advance

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I don't think it is a hernia or stomach ulcer.  Could it be the foods you are eating?  What is your diet like?
And the reason why I said probably not an ulcer is the symptoms you describe are less like what that feels like. Peptic ulcers are often a burning feeling or pain and not so much gassy and belching type of issue.  Since you have acid reflux, it does sound more diet related to me just based on that info.
Thanks for your response - Its pretty good now - no trigger foods for the most part - good mix of fiber and veg. Im well within height / weight range and train 3 x a week. Its just so strange that i get so gassy if i do not eat for 2/3 hours and after some meals...
I agree that is an odd pattern.  Gassy when you don't eat, gassy when you do after some meals.  If it is inbalanced gut bacteria, you may try a probiotic to see if that helps.  And I'd start keeping a log of what you eat and when really exactly and look for a pattern.  
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