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Gastric Bypass and Pancreatitis - I hope I've connected the dots!

I am a 42 year old woman. In June of 2005 had my gallbladder removed as an emergency as it was almost to gangrene. In august of 2005 had RNY gastric bypass. All was well. I lost 170 pounds in 9 months and other than the loose skin I felt amazing! In 2007 I became very anemic and was seeing a hematologist. I had my 2 kids and done so they diagnosed me with mehoriga (not spelled right but it's heavy menstrual bleeding). I had NovaSure performed which was very easy and within a couple months was back to normal.  The anemia was so bad I was passing out in public places.  Also very nice as I haven't had a cycle since then.  In 2009 I started to drink VERY excessively.  I drank wine but 6-8 bottles a day.  I was also put on a ton of psych meds.  Got sober in January of 2011- had a couple slips but they were 1-2 glasses and a one time thing not consistent drinking like the past.  Again, things clicking along but had occasional sharp abdominal pains and assumed it was from food being stuck. I had maintained my weight loss until 14 months ago and it seemed like over night it gained 40-50 pounds.  I was hiking 3-5 miles 5 days a week and the weight wouldn't come off.  I adhered to the RNY diet always. Spent the last year going to various specialists- Gastric bypass doc said the body adapts and I had to "deal with it" but should be happy that I was still down over 100 lbs 8 years post opp. Then I just felt bad every day- went to  endocrinologist and diagnosed with hypo thyroid and hypoglycemia.  A few months later feeling worse and no weight loss. Menopause? No.  Had a swallow study done and nothing. In June of this year (2014) had a specialist recommend seeing a cardiologist. Diagnosed with severe CHF (congestive heart failure) started meds July of 2014.  August of 2014 was hospitalized and diagnosed with idiopathic acute pancreatitis.  Had hearth cath done and arteries perfect and valves fine.  My cholesterol is 124.  Was at cardiologist yesterday and she said she thinks some of my symptoms are related to the pancreatitis not the CHF. I started looking online last night and there are numerous people that have had a mirror match experience. I have EUS scheduled a week from today. While in the hospital there were 3 MRI completed and 30 min before surgery they cancelled as one showed a stone the other 2 didn't and due to RNY and CHF were going to need several surgeons involved and they weren't confident the one showing the stone was accurate and didn't want to risk cutting me in error so to be sure scheduled the EUS. I see the gastroenterologist PA this morning and emailed my cardiologist to see if like so many others the is the answer.  If it is; the surgery to remove the stone is complex and risky but in 6-12 months everything else just goes away.  I'm very lucky as I recover very well from surgery and have the best physicians available as my providers and having good insurance certainly helps!  However, being single and on unpaid FMLA has been devastating and although I've been classified as permanently disabled including the upgrade from temp handicap placard to wheelchair lic plates SSDI said I won't see a check until December - state gave me almost $600 in food stamps but max assistance is $200.  How do people get through life altering diagnosis and not end up under a bridge? I have a 10 and 12 year old and can't believe our system is so messed up! I spent 3 days calling every non profit for aid and nothing.  I hope this helps someone else as others stories helped me.  
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