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Gastric bypass and chronic pancreatitis

I did really well for 4months after having gastric bypass to control my diabetes (Type 2 insulin dependent for over 33 years, diagnosed in early 20's).  Starting having severe abdominal pain that lasted for 5 mos.  Finally found out I had gall stones, liver enzymes were through the roof, from blood work & CT scan. I was jaundice.  Eating intensified the pain.  Eventually started vomiting & fever.  They did surgery immediately after transporting me to Vanderbilt.  In hospital for 5 days after surgery, pain in upper abd continued.  CT showed chronic pancreatitis (moderate calcium deposits in pancreas).  Have been on liquid oxycodone prescribed every 4 hours/5ml-5mg, along with zophran for nauseau, and hyoscyamine before meals (espophogeal spasms).  Pain is getting worse, vomiting more often, down to 96 lbs (4'10") and still losing, started out at 192lbs. Diabetes greatly improved...only take novalog occasionally. Obviously this is not working...any suggestions?
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