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I have acidity, morning sickness(vomiting tendencies while brushing teeth) & gas problems.
In this regard, mostly I do avoid fat & oily food. Also, I drink  water periodically at interval.
What is the remedial measures for complete cure?
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Hi, just read your problem, and I would recommend that you try a gluten-free diet for a month and see if your symptoms disappear. A lot of people are affected by gluten and don't realize it. Also, it is easy now to stay gluten-free, because there are so many products in the supermarket these days. Give it a try! Good luck.
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I have the same problems as you.  I am still struglling with my acid problem as yet, but there are tablets that u can get from yr gp to try control the sickness, and i am ranitidine and omeprazole for the acid.

Have y been to yr gp and got any tests done by a gastro specialist??

Sorry am not that great a help, as i say am still struggling abit controlling my own symptoms but a little bit of help is better than none lol  
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