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Gastritis + Esophagitis Not Healing

I hope I am in the right place to ask this, as I am looking for any help or prior experiences with anyone similar! I have a lot of background info but I'll try and keep it brief ;)

>Felt perfectly fine until an allergy attack mid-April of this year
>Since then had massive stomach and throat problems
>Diagnosed as allergies + LPR
>Went on Nexium 20mg twice a day, 3 months of that helped. But once I reached a certain point didn't help anymore
>Went and saw a GI doctor and diagnosed as eosinophilic esophagitis, but wanted to do an endoscopy to check
>Had endoscopy done in November. Biopsy results showed raised eosinophils but not enough to be classified as EoE. No H pylori. Showed case of gastritis in stomach, and esophagitis in lower and mid sections.
>DR changed meds to Protonix 40mg once a day. Been on that for 2 weeks now with 75mg Zantac as well in evening
>I'm not feeling any change, is there anything I can do to help this along? I'm sick and tired of feeling terrible and this has been effecting my life a great deal since April. I'm willing to do anything to get this taken care of if anyone has any advice.

P.S. Only thing I know that could have  caused this initially is it was a very stressful time for me (graduating college, job searching, new girlfriend, etc) I was also big into weightlifting and took the preworkout C4 for about a year on and off? Did this garbage give this to me?

Help! Any input is appreciated thanks :)
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anyone? no replies so far
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Anyone? No answers and no relief yet. Thanks
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This has happened to me since I started taking C4 and found another post on this site.  I dismissed it initially as the cause but i am becoming more convinced.  have you learned anything else from this?  I have actually been diagnosed with eoe and its been horrible.
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