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Gastro Reflux

I am suffering from a form of reflux which I am told is caused by a nerve believed to be in my stomach, I can only drink water as anything else triggers more acid.I take 300mg ranitidine and 20 mg nortriptyline the former for acid the the nortriptyline to try and numb the nerve.I was discharged from the hospital in 2004 and have carried on with this problem which no one else seems to know anything about. -  I cannot eat fruit very little vedge no salad as I get a choking cough as well as other symtoms.I did have a couple of  coffees last week I was so fed up with water and I am really paying the price.I have felt ghastly ever since.This acid sprays up as far as my asophagus  but does not come into my mouth as it does with people who have a problem with the muscle or valve. Has anyone else got this dreadful condition??
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OUCH .. hope it was decaffeinated as caffeine and chocolate are huge triggers for acid reflux!   Have they tried any acid blockers vs. supressors which will help to heal any damage done by yrs of this acid ?  Just a thought .. I am not a med person at all but my children have suffered from the classic type of severe GERD.  Have they ever tried Carafate to coat/heal the esphogus and that may help with the swallowing?  Another thougth:  Have they ever considered Occupational Therapy to work with the swallowing and coughing problems?  They have things to help including swallow studies?

Just some thoughts as this must be awful for you?  The nerve .. that is just awful.  Must be the acid in the fruit?

I woudl seek out a well known GI for this .. have you tried Mayo Clinic or something like that ?  This sounds very debilitating and needs to be further addressed in my opinon.

My daughter ahd bilateral vocal cord nodules from reflux as you describe and they never knew she had the reflux .. it would come up to vocal cords, do damage, and be swallowed w/o taste and it even was causing aspiration at night (micro) which caused ongoing asthma and the allergist/ENT were shocked to figure this out!  She is fine to date now and nodules gone with 6mos treatment of Prevacid!!!!

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Thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply to me, it was decaffeinated coffee but it has really upset everything.The Ranitidine is an acid suppressor and until I eventually got the high dose of that you can't imagine how I felt.
I am in the UK and I first of all attended the national health service clinic for nearly 18 months before I paid privately for a test that proved I was producing this acid and I then got the higher dose of Ranitidine etc.I was told there was nothing else that would help me and so I have carried on living with this awful problem. People here look at me in disbelief when I say NO thank you to coffee or wine or fruit juice and tell them I can only drink water. Even the water makes me coiugh a lot at times.It would be wonderful to know someone else with this problem.
Your reply as really cheered me up as you understand how I feel, and thanks again.
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In the States the blockers totally block acid production vs. supressors which supress it but oftentimes come with breakthrough acid reflux.  Are you taking it once or twice or three times a day?  I ask bcz sometimes they let you take the dosing in different am'ts at diff times of the day which is not conventional but I have seen it done and it works oftentimes with the infants.

I can sympathize with your pain bcz I, too, have problems with fruit juice, wine, coffee, etc. but not because of acid reflux but because of kidney stones ... can you believe that!~ and when one is moving about in the kidney and not completely stationery not only do I get pain in the kidney (bursts of stinging sharp pain) the fruit juices and coffee will do a number on the pain.

All is ok with your kidneys right?  Just an off the wall thought bcz I can relate to the fruit juice.  Another thing about fruit juices and acid reflux is an uncommon FRUCTOSE INTOLERANCE that can be determined by breathing into some type of machine ??? Take some looks online about the fructose intolerance just to be certain that isn't part of the problem.

You can always keep in touch with me via my e-mail which is in my profile I think or if not, I ck. my inbox often here, @ MedHelp.

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Thanks for the advise I will try that.
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