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Gastrointestinal Issues Should I Be Concerned

Good day to you all,

I am a 32 year old male currently unwell experiencing issues of severe pain in both my right and left upper quadrants (left and right abdominal area) and in my back both centrally and in the right shoulder blade. This pain is constant and causes me episodes of severe vomiting and nausea. I struggle to eat and keep medication down, and the sickness has seemed to worsen over time. As has the pain. After multiple tests at hospital the diagnosis has been as follows.

*Ultrasound February 2021 showing singular gallbladder polyp.

*Ultrasound July 2021 showing multiple gallbladder polyps and thickened wall.
Gastroscopy July 2021 showing severe ulceration of oesophagus above a 2cm sliding hiatal hernia. Also blood tests showed raised bilirubin levels. I was vomiting a mix of coffee ground and bile at this point and was admitted to hospital though they still refused to operate.

MRCP scan September 2021 showing lesions of the gallbladder consistent with gallbladder polyps

December 2021 Gastroscopy failed due to food being present in stomach although I had followed all fasting requirements. ( At this point it was stated that I felt my food wasn't digesting properly and my vomiting was worsening though this was ignored)

January 2022 Met with the gallbladder surgeon and name was added to an 18 month waiting list for a Cholecystectomy.

I then heard nothing and received no appointments, though I had been told the failed gastroscopy would be repeated.

July 2022 Gastroscopy performed showing a 5cm paraoesophageal hernia with no other abnormalities.

August 2022 Failed a barium swallow examination. Xray showed minimal peristalsic contractions and delayed gastric emptying with barium still present 30 mins after examination.

I really feel that I am being let down by my hospital and I don't know whether I should be worried as my Gastroenterologist seems to be showing no concern and I can't help but feel that the hernia has worsened due to the pressure from vomiting multiple times daily everyday. I wasn't struggling to stomach food last year when I presented vomiting blood, though this seems to be the case now. I am worried about the impact on my overall physical and mental health if these issues aren't resolved soon. However, given that it has been 3 years since first presenting with symptoms and still having no answers I can't help but worry about the impact this will have on my life. I also suffered a vitreous haemorrhage with minor retinal detachment in 2017 and this was a direct result of vomiting for which was performed a vitrectomy. I then suffered another haemorrhage in the same eye in 2019 again a result of throwing up. I can feel my vision deteriorating and the pressure applied daily from vomiting is only worsening my situation. Each day is a struggle I battle with my health and my thoughts and this has driven me to contact a crisis team as i feel im now at the end of the line, I try to take medication though this doesnt seem to ease my symptoms and sometimes I cannot keep this in my stomach. Currently I take:

Omeprazole 2 x 20mg twice daily
Metoclopramide 3 x 10mg
Co codamol 30/500 × 8

I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced any issues like mine or similar? And how did you resolve it? I'm slowly losing faith in my local health trust and although I can ask for a second opinion this can be a lengthy process and I don't know how much more I can take.

Any help or advice is hugely appreciated

Many thanks


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