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Gastroparesis and colonoscopy/endoscopy?

Five years ago my husband had a bleeding ulcer that resulted in an emergency surgery where a piece of his stomach and the top part of his small intestine were removed.  Since then, he has lost over 100 lbs (he's down to about 120 lbs and is 5'11").  He can't walk well (dizziness) or drive anymore.  His body no longer absorbs what it needs so he has infusions of copper weekly and iron when his hemoglobin goes too long.  No one in the medical community seems to have an answer and no one treats this as a matter of importance even though his standard of living has decreased tremendously.  My question is that I took him yesterday for his third colonoscopy/endoscopy in the last 3 years, and they were unable to see because his system wasn't clear. This is what happened the first 2 times.  The gastro was flippant about it.  Has anyone any experience with anything similar to what I'm talking about? Does anyone know an amazing gastro anywhere (but we live in NY) who could potentially help him?  He can eat but goes into a basic food coma if it's the "wrong thing", has watery eyes, and neurological symptoms as well.  Any advice? Thanks!
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You are so kind to seek answers for your husband.  How is he doing?
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