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Gatritis & Pancreatitis - is there a link?

Hello. My name Angie and am Epileptic. I was diagnosed in 1991. I was prescibed Depakote and it worked wonderful (once we got the correct dosage down.) I am now 32yrs. old and in 2005 I was diagnosed w/acute Pancreatits due to the Depakote. I am not an alchoholic (which is the very 1st thing they ask you.) Once I had the Cat Scan and the Ultra Sound (which showed nothing) my blood was taken and the Lypase & Amylase levels were through the roof. They told me to get off Depakote as soon as possible or I would basically die. I then went through a series of different Seizure Medications until I found one that worked almost as well. I am now on 500mg's of Lamictal and 1.0mg's of Klonopin.
I was treated by an Endocrinologist and I got better. After some time though I was continuing to have "flare-ups" and I still do. Some weeks are good and some aren't. This includes a no fat diet or eating whatever. I have a new Endo. since moving to a different state and he also concurs with my previous Endo. that I may have Chronic Pancreatitis even if your blood levels are in normal range (which they are.)
As of recent, I have out of nowhere began vommiting and nausea again. I had bloating as well. I thought right away the Pancreus, but dismissed it because I wasn't experiencing the pain in the pancreus. I went to my Endo. and had another endoscopic procedure done and he has come up with mild to chronic gateritis. He did not look at the Pancreas, but is now referring me to a Doctor at UCLA medical center because he says that there are (too many holes and is uncertain as to how severe I am and what else might be including involvment of the Pancreas and the years of taking so many seizure drugs even though my liver is okay.) My worst time is in the morning upon awakening and I want to throw up just to get it over with. The rest of the day isn't quite as bad. he says I could be looking at Chronic Pancreatitis or an abdominal ubstruction. I am out of answers and am told I am a "special case" and he only treats "general" issues with the Gastro world. I hope this doctor at UCLA can find some answers as to what is going on and I know that there are a lot of variables and a lot of symtoms to investigate. I am also wondering since I am unemployed now, if I qualify for Short Term Disability. I do want to work but I also know that the stress and the sitting can cause an obstruction, seizure, vomiting, nausea if not already present.
I know this is a lot to take in, but some opinions on this would be very much appreciated.
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Dear Angie,  All I can offer you is a lot of compassion facing your illness and a lot of prayers for your guidance and improvement.
Believe me if I had any words of wisdom I would gladly share them with you!
Surely someone out here will respond with encouragement for you!
God bless you,
Dorothy 70y
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Dear Dorothy,
I just wanted to thank you so much for your kind words. I will keep you informed as this whole plaza of issues unfolds.

Much Love,
Angie 32y
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I would also be interested to hear how you get on I had a Gall Bladder Attack recently brought on by my taking the wrong dose of Hydroxyzine( anti Histimine) your story was interesting and involved I hope you get some answers, keep us up to date.
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