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Gerd with just burping and salivation? No heartburn

Hello I was told I have GERD about 4 months ago . My symptoms are excessive burping. Like all day . Constant excess saliva in my mouth which causes me to swallow alot . Surprisingly no heart burn .early on I had some chest/pain and mild burning .I would have to burp even after drinking water . I have been on PPI medication for the last 3 months . It helps a bit but does not eliminate the symptoms .I'm working to lose weight and change my diet as well. I have had celiac testing , hpylori and all types of blood work done .but no endoscopy .in fact my doctor never even suggested it . Should I be requesting one or should I feel ok with diagnosis ?
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Hello~I have days when I belch constantly and they are loud, I could win a contest. For me, it is my hiatal hernia, as it pushes through my diaphragm, it can cause acid reflux, I never have heart-burn either but do at times belch back acid. I would ask about an endoscopy, this will show what is going on and then the doctor should be able to prescribe the proper meds and any other help you may need.
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