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Globus sensation/GERD symptoms

Hi i think i have posted some related question in this community before. The answers that i did get seem to help but i am getting more worried with my symptoms. Heres more about me in a detailed way.

Age-25, sex-male, weight-180lbs

no fever or chills, i feel rested after a good nights sleep, no major weight gain or loss,no vomiting, normal bowel movements,very little nausea, so generally healthy feeling.


- globus sensation feels like cotton ball or food stuck in throat. feels worse when i smoke
-90% of the time when i burp its stomach acid
-clearing of throat, i would assume either stomach acid or mucus
-dry mouth and throat,especially when i wake up in the morning, but rarely sore
-minor post nasal drip, but sometime notice it going to my throat.

All of those symptoms i have mentioned seems to me that i would have some type of acid reflux disease?
i have read that it might be a thyroid condition but from i know and understand thyroid condtions dont cause heartburn or burping??

I try to drink lots of water or fluids. i do take zanatc when needed. i havent found prilosec in canada but would love to try it. I could use more excercise and eat better but its like i sit all day and do nothing while i stuff my mouth with junk food. A doctors visit would be good but i am scared to know what it is and plus i dont have a family doctor, so its a little hard to get the proper care. Anyways enough typing. I am just wondering if someone out there would understand my symptoms and make me believe that i am not going crazy and this is common symptoms. Thank you so much
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