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Going to get colonoscopy both ends endometriosis

Well I did get an GYN oncologist specialist, on 28th April because I'm in so much pain. The clinic I went to for the last two years with this suffering  pain and agenie nothing being resolved .  Did MIR, ultrasounds, CT scans.  I know it's endometriosis effecting my bowl area. I heard it can spread to other organs... now I have good insurance know. Thank God because I can see real Dr.s that care.  This Week I was in so much pain during and after my period on my left side around my ovary and by my appendix are like when I walk or stand I have to sit down, then it hurts really bad sitting down.  Or I  bend over to do the laundry or dishes. Can't even walk my dogs or play with my daughter that is 4 years old.... I go in on the May 9th on Dr. for Gastroenterologist for a  colonoscopy both ends fun.  

I hope the new GYN will no explore laparoscopy to see what is going on inside of me. I want to be able to feel good again not sick all the time fatigue, and weak and having no appetite and figure out why I have lost 15 lb in three months not even trying to loss weight.  I'm all ready thin perfect 124 lbs then I'm down to 110 lbs. Something is diffently wrong in my body I just know my body is fighting something because I always have a temperature of 99.2 to 101.9. Off and on the past year now... I'm hoping it is not to late to to take care of what is happening to me... I pray that it's not Cancer of any kind.   I have to be here for my daughter to grow up, I'm only 40 years old and want to see my baby girl have here own baby's....
Any advice..
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The Dr end up taking my right ovary and the complex cysts out and found endometriosis in side of my abdomen took it out... I was really out of it... I came out of surgery around 11:45pm and was in recovery room until 4:00pm... I had a real hard time when I woke up. I was having a serious panic attacks and I was hyperventilating really bad the Dr's and nurses had to give  me two Ativan and a Depakote in my IV to calm me down... I wish they would of kept me over night... My Dr would not ok it... I felt so bad, I have never woke up from a surgery like this in my life, it was so scary... Well  I was the last one to leave the recovery room.... I am on Percocet for the pain but, it barley works... Just got to work it out...
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Hi there!

It is good to know that you could get insurance and were able to get checked by a doctor. Endometriosis affecting the gut could present very similarly to primary GI conditions. Management may depend on the severity of the condition and could be medical or surgical. MRI/ CT/ laparoscopy may be required to define the extent and severity of the condition. I would suggest discussing the situation, the suggested management plan and the expected prognosis in detail with your treating gynaecologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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