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Green Bile

What possible causes could there be for someone who constantly throws up green bile.  He cannot eat or drink anything.  As soon as it goes in his mouth, he throws it back it as green bile.  They did exploratory surgery and didn't find anything wrong.  They did however take his appendix out.  His stomach stays distended and they have been getting off at last 700cc of the bile from his NG tube every 7-8 hours.  Now they are saying his Bun and Qurt blood work is up.  What does that mean?  We are talking about a man that a week and a half ago was healthy as a horse and now looks like a little old man with his eyes sunked into the back of his head and so weak he can't even get the phone up to his head.  Any clues or where a good specialist would be to take him to?
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It sounds as though he's experiencing bile reflux. They may want to look into the possibility that his gallbladder is malfunctioning. Or if he's already had his gallbladder removed and he's having pain in the same area as the gallbaldder was along with having bile reflux, they might want to look into the possibility of sphincter of Oddi dysfunction (SOD).
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Pain in right quadrant mid spine. Feels like frenic nerve pain. Diaganosed with Hep C stage 2 two years ago. Are these correct for liver fibrosis or are the symptoms more like liver cancer.
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