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Green poop with blackish polka dots

I have been having some trouble with my tummy since I have been diagnosed with H. Pylori.  I have been done with antibiotics for almost two weeks now and my stools are FINALLY going from a yellow/orangish color and fluffy, to a more solid stool that's greenish with black polka dots the size of dimes.  I was wondering if this is blood or if this is the skins from the grapes I have been digesting a lot lately.  I also have seen little red speckles in my stools as well.  Should I be concerned?  My hemrhoids have just started clearing up in the last couple of days.

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Green stool can be caused by a change in diet, mucus or some gastrointestinal infection. Intake of diet high in green vegetables such as spinach, food dyes can lead to green stools. Other causes are bacterial infection of the intestines, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome etc.Consult a doctor. Your doctor will ask for a stool sample to check for presence of any bacteria or contaminants which may be affecting your digestive system. Blood tests may be necessary to determine if you are suffering from an infection. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. I hope it helps.
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how did the H. Pylori treatment go, I will be starting it soon, my blood tested positive for the antibodies,  but they are still having me do a scope on Monday...I am nervous to take such strong antibiotics due to yeast infections I tend to get....did you finally get relief and a cure?
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