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Green stool and constant Severe stomach pain Desperate for help

My pain all started one day out of nowhere aprox 9 months ago. My stomach felt awkward like I was hungry, So i ate some chicken and I was in so much pain I went to emergency, I was sweating, Bent over in stomach pain.

20 years old Male. never any health problems 135 pounds

I have had recurring stomach pain constantly with no relief for 9 months now, and I really cant take my life anymore, I feel terrible everyday. As soon as I wake up in the morning I have pain all the way till I go to sleep. Its constantly ruining my life And I dont think i can take much more.

Current Symptoms

-Constant green stool sometimes pale, very bright green sometimes, I havent seen normal brown stool in a long time
-Thin shredded. small air bubbles. food particles ( sometimes)
-pain is everywhere in upper stomach to lower stomach
-pain moves around in stomach frequently
-pain is more often upper stomach area
-cramping/bloated/tight/pressure/soar feeling
-as I breath out and expand my stomach I feel the pain more
-it is constantly hard to catch a breath when my stomach is expanded and in pain
-extremly gassy. burping. constantly can taste whatever i ate after burping
-if I dont eat pain will get worse
-after eating I feel very bloated and full even after small meals
-I feel constaipated sometimes like i have to strain to go or feel i still need to go after going
-I had diarhea the first 3 weeks I had this problem
-lost about 10 pounds over 9 months
-stomach grumles and makes loud noises all the time. Feels like very vigourus contactions

tests done
-Upper endoscopy few months ago
-Barium enema and swallow
-Blood tests at hosptial several times
-Stool samples for parasites/ h pylori
-Urine samples

Medications tried
-anxiety pills for two weeks no resulsts I dont think I have anxiety
-apo amatriplyne for ibs 2 weeks nothing
-acid reflux pills. nexium
-celiac diet for 3 weeks nothing
-buscopan for few days nothing

Only test that came back for me showing something were low vit D.  At a computerized health food store i was diagonised with giardia but I took pills for it and know it doesnt show up. Wheat intolerance showed up So i stopped wheat for 2 weeks and still Nothing, she gave up and said she couldnt help me anymore. My doctor thinks im a mental case and need anxiety pills to help my stomach pain?, she thinks im stressed out or something, if im stressed its because my stomach hurts.

Ive lost thousands of dollers not working full time. barely work part time now and I spend more on pills and doctors that dont help me all the time.

If anyone Could help me I would appreciate it very much. I will Send anyone $400 if they can figure out whats wrong with me I dont care anymore, i cant live like this anymore and I cant work enough to barely pay my rent.

I live in Kitchener, Ontario if anyone knows any good doctors around here let me know please. I already have seen a Gi speciliast who refuses to help me any further and I have a family doctor that thinks im mental so dont tell me I need to see anymore doctors please.
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First of all you cannot heal you gut ion any diet in 3 weeks... Trying a gluten free diet for recovery takes a good yr ...and then if it helps it is lifetime! Many Celiacs don't have symptoms until they are very ill...

Cleaning up ones diet is also important ...eating real food unprocessed..clean organic...... looking to supplements as well but there is a lot one can do and a proper eval is important from a trained person... If you are not happy with the past GI doc  Go to Toronto and get another opinion...There are many well educated peeps out there... Sorry about your discomfort...but in the meantime is your diet clean? Is your lifestle clean? It is hard to have a healthy lifestyle at you age understood..

But if it makes you feel better maybe it is something to try and really it is worth it!

here is a link on green stool...http://altmedicine.about.com/od/gettingdiagnosed/a/green_stools.htm
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But if indeed I had celiac disease wouldnt it show up on the upper biopsy they did, I seen the link already for green stool causes, it could be many things. My current doctor wont refer me to a gastro speciliast In toronto i asked her and she wont let me.
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Apparently the tests are not conclusive even if negative...unfortunately you may still have a milder form ..or you could have someting else indeed..I suggest going to another Doc who can refer you.. CAn you ask around google who is well recognized in Toronto...I have had false tests too and my internal med Doc still say nope I really think it is celeiacs..I am going for some more testing... along with some other stuff... I know what you mean and it is frustrating not to have a definate answer...

Keep trying and look for a new internist..

Good luck
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Like to know what resolve you have gotten. I've been suffering for 2 yrs now with no resolution.
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Hi... just passed thru your question/comment and was wondering how you're doing.  I want to say, this is not so unusual.  I know you must feel at a loss and without hope but I have to tell you, there is hope.  What you have COULD be IBS.  You should research all you can about IBS.  Also, find an excellent psychologist who specializes in stress reduction and anxiety.  Yes, I know you've heard this before, but it is exactly what you need to do.  Just find one, commit to going weekly for 3 months... and see what happens.  Be open to this, it is your hope. You'll be shocked at the results.  trust me. :)  
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After reading your story, my first thought was OMG, this is my story as well, but my issue have a name and a treatment. You need to go to your Dr. and tell him you want a stool sample test done to check you for C-Diff. Untreated it is absolutely unbearable. I was just like you perfectly fine and it struck me like lightning. Mine was contracted from bottled water that had set in my car a couple of days. I only took a few small sips, but that was enough to put me in the E.R and then admitted to Hospital. Your symptoms sound exactly like what mine were, so I urge you to have the C-Differential test done as soon as possible. Godspeed !
C-diff however has a defining smell and working in a nursing home unfortunately this is something delt with enough that 9/10 cases we can smell when a resident has c-diff
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Hi your symptoms are just like mine and mine also started after eating medication for Giardia...except it as discomfort rather than pain in stomach.
Doctors and specialists stopped helping because they couldn't find anything. I just felt it was overgrowth of Candida because of long term antibiotic use and or organic apple cider vinegar. Now thanks to God I feel improvement. First removed all foods with Yeast in them..breads, pizza, even yogurt. Also stopped eating anything with processed sugar in it...so the sweet things I eat are only fresh or dried fruits...no sugar added..still no grapes. Stopped all antacids..they further complicate yeast growth..and drink about 2- 3 glasses of super ice cold water after meals (..30 min later) and in between when possible and before sleeping. Yeast cannot grow in cold temperatures so basically I try to reduce my stomach's temperature.
You can make your own bread without yeast ..i' will tell you a simple recipes later or make small pancakes with flour without baking soda to be gentle on stomach. I also have to make my own yougurt..yeast free..
Also please eat probiotic capsule Kyo-Dophilus- at least 2 every day after meals.
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Hi!  I just posted about this as if it were my story too!  Can you tell me more about this test?  I am at my whits end and am trying to do some research on my own.  THANKS!
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I was wondering if the original poster had any help and resolved his issues? I am surprised at how similar your symptoms are to mine. Exactly the same. I hope he can come back and say what helped him or what they found. I know it's been 6 years, but I am as desperate as you were when you wrote it :( I look forward to a response.
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Start taking Magnesium (with food) right away. Crush it to aid absorption. Start taking a chewable (children's is fine) vitamin 2x a day, one in morning, one before bed right away. For a couple of weeks, eat nothing but plain rice (I find Japanese sticky rice to be more palatable), and broiled fish with no butter or added fat, you may salt the rice and fish. Follow the law regarding fish, it must have fins and scales, eg. Salmon, bass, tilapia, etc. Drink 1 GALLON of water per day. It will be difficult at first but I've found distilled water to be less filling. Ask your regular doctor for Dicyclomine, this will help with the cramping. If your stool is hard take an otc stool softener for a few weeks. Do all of the above for a solid couple of months. You should see an improvement after a couple few weeks. The vitamins, particularly the magnesium are very important!  They should be taken with a bit of food to aid absorption, as some are fat so liable, and some are water soluble. I know it'll suck to eat the same thing all the time, but it'll be well worth it in the end. Finally seek a second opinion from a different gastro doc to ensure that you don't have something more serious such as diverticulitis/diverticulosis or problems with your gallbladder. I've had some of the same symptoms due to my illnesses, (diverticulitis & gallstones). I really need my gallbladder removed but unfortunately, in this great country, no insurance-no help. I'm sorry that you've been stricken and I will pray for you.
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this sounds like a possible bile duct blockage involving the liver. Clue? green stool. That seems to be the most overlooked symptom on this entire thread. Did the doctors also overlook this?
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