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Gurgling in throat

I have been having throat gurgling issues ever since i can remember. I am now 18. Sometimes i get such a sour taste in my throat it makes me throw up other times i have such a thick content in the back of my throat it makes me throw up. I have been to the Dr. many times and haven't found a solution. They put me on prilosec and other over the counter meds. and it helps for awhile but doesnt totally cure the problem. I can not burp, could this be part of the problem? Could it possibly be a food allergy? The Dr. said i just have a sensitive stomach and that its my nerves...well 3/4 of the time i am just home doing nothing and im def not nervous about anything.
Im sick of gurgling and puking. It's very embarrassing to be riding w/ a friend and they have to pull over cuz you have to puke. also not cool when the whole room can hear your throat.
-help please
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