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Gut Malrotation

I wasn't exactly sure where to put this question, but this seems like the best place.

I was born with Gut Malrotation. I'm not sure if it was ever fixed, but I was wondering if it could affect pregnancy.
I have looked all over and haven't found anything yet.
If you know anything if would be greatly appreciated!

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I just recently found out that I have malrotation as well and I have to beautiful healthy children, one 7 and the other almost 3.  I hope this was some help.
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I too was only recently found to have intestinal malrotation and although I've had to have had to surgery twice for it, many people don't ever have to have surgery for it.  I had 2 children before learning -years later- that I was born with intestinal malrotation.  It was  never a factor during either pregnancy or birth.  

That said, I would still make sense to talk to your doctor first and tell him about it.  If she/he feels it'd best to begin by seeing a specialist (gastroenterologist) first, she/he will let you know.
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I found your post. I am 38 female, i was diagnosised with a malrotation in 94 was adult and had 4 kids, complications with each pregnancy and lost my lost baby out of the blue towards the end of my pregnancy. Then after that I was diagnosised with a malrotation. Since life has been crazy for me. I have had so many surgeries, and the past 2 years i have had to see a motility doctor cause of my whole gi tract. What symptoms do you have? How are things with you? Do you have issues? Love to hear from you.
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