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H. Pylori Eradication

I would like to ask maybe
you can help me. I am a past Kidney Donor at Columbia. When I did
all the testing in 2013 for the kidney donation I had to do a
Colonoscopy and was discovered that I have the H. Pylori disease.
My Gastroenterologist prescribed the standard medication but did
not help. Then prescribed another but did not help ether. I took
them twice. A few months I redid the Colonoscopy shows that it was
still not eradicated. My doctor again prescribed standard prescription but redid test and is still there. My doctor threw up his hands and gave up. Did anybody have the same problem and was there a solution?

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No doctor should throw up their hands.  There are second, third line treatment regimens.  I'd find another gastro doc who doesn't shrink from a challenge!
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