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H pylori help!

Hello all
Just a little history. I'm a 31 year old male. Since the Dec 7 2013 I have been having some severe cramps/gas in middle left part of my stomach. They come and go usually 3 hours after eating. I don't have any N/V or loose stools. When I wake up I don't have these pains. But at times the pain has woke me up in the middle of the night. I tried to take mylanta and Tums and nothing seems to help. I have went to a bland diet and still doesn't help. I have been eating a bland diet for the most part and taking pepto as well just drinking water but still doesn't seem to be going away. At what point I made dr appt. They found I had the H pylori antibody. So this is day nine on the prilosec and day seven on the antibiotics (Ammoxicillin and clarithromycin)for the H pylori. My symptoms are still there SOMETIMES after eating. For the most part it has been a bland diet, except for the exception of a hamburger yesterday which caused extreme discomfort. Could this be a side effect of the medicine or my stomach trying to heal still? Please let me know if I should tough it out with the antibiotics or could this be something else? I would think by now my symptoms would be going away. Any help is appreciated thanks.

Thanks in advance
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H.Pylori leads to Peptic Ulcer disease, which needs to be managed with 'Triple Therapy' consisting of Antibiotics(Amoxicillin and Clairithromycin), Proton Pump Inhibitors (Omeprazole or Rabeprazole), may also include Ulcer Protective Gels like Sucralfate,Irsogladine etc,antacids,Adjuvants like Okrin may also help.In case of resistant bacteria,Amoxcillin can be replaced by Metronidazole and other combinations of H2 antagonists and mucosal protective agents and multi vitamins help a lot.

Blood Groups of O+ve are more prone to Ulcer disease than other people,food habits,dietary plan and timings and stress play an important role in evolution of serious complications.

These drugs are to be taken for at least 15 days to see best results and can be repeated (without anti biotics) to prevent further problems and progressions but one has to make sure that H.Pylori is totally eradicated with Triple therapy.If this does not help, then "Quadruple Therapy" which consists of IV injections of above drugs and specific anti biotics towards H.Pylori strains are indicated,mostly done in a hospital setup.

Talk to your Doctor and get the correct and complete prescription which should include above drugs prescribed for correct time and dosage,after undergoing complete evaluation personalizing your case.All The Best!
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I was just diagnosed with H. Pylori and I am on my third day taking the PrevPac pills. Everything seems to be okay so far, other than me still having occasional pain as a result of gas.

The only frustrating part of the healing process is not knowing what I can eat. I don't eat pork, and I don't eat any beef. I was told that I couldn't have sweet, fried food, and anything acidic. I can deal with that.

Is there a resource I can go to that can specify a list of foods that I can actually eat?

Please help.
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