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HELP - RUQ pain issue
35 yo Male, Latin 5'11, 153lbs with RUQ pain that is infrequent, dull, sharp, burning. It radiates posterior at times. It migrates from stomach area to biliary and bottom right liver corner when anterior. Other symptoms include flushing of face and ears, unexplained loss of weight - 20 lbs in a matter of 1.5 months, occasional neuropathy of left and right fingers in both hands, cold feet, fatigue, blurry vision. Did have a TV fungal infection of trunk posterior/anterior 1 year ago, gone now. Loose stool comes and goes with color being pale for a week and then resumes back to normal. Pain is sometimes dull from occasional fatty meal, constant when physically exerting myself on an empty stomach. Discomfort over biliary region is more like pumping/gurgling sensation. Admitted to ED 3 weeks ago for blood in stool, non occult, bright red. It was a one time episode. Abdominal CT w/contrast done reveled nothing other than an inflamed ascending colon. No stones or abnormal masses. Colonoscopy revealed nothing with a clear biopsy of wall tissue sample. Family history of ulcers, lung and lymphoma cancer. No swollen extremities, no pain with muscles-bone-joint, no headaches, no nausea or vomiting.

Test done so far with values-

WBC'S AUTO 5.4 thou/mcL
RBC, AUTO 5.22 mil/mcL
HGB                 15.1 g/dL
HCT, AUTO 44.5 %
MCV         85.2 fL
MCH                 28.9 pg/cell
MCHC         33.9 g/dL
RDW, BLOOD 12.9 %
Albumin             4.7  gm/dL
LIPASE             28  u/L
ALT                  31 units/L
Stool/OVA-PARASITE/WBC    normal
Hep B         clear
Hep C         clear
Gon/Syphilis clear

Due to holiday, still waiting on following tests-
C-Reactive Protein
Vit B-12
Celiac Disease
Chest X-ray

GI now want to do a endoscopy. Did notice a little flare up of Pharyngitis this week with minimal swelling and lightly irritated lymph node above left tonsil. Strep test came back negative. Tonsils are clear and not swollen. Geogrphical tongue was present for 3 days and has now resumed normal appearance. Heavy drinker for 8 years (4-5 days a week), stopped about 5 years ago. Also was social tobacco smoker for 10, stopped 5 years ago as well. Healthy diet, no dairy, normal caloric intake with occasional (2-3 times a month) marijuana use in the form of edibles for treatment of anxiety. Was prescribed Xanax and Norco, Prefer the edibles because the oral meds can be toxic on the liver. Trying to stay away from precessed foods and sugars.

Any professional advice on evaluations of current tests and needed future tests & questions to ask...would be gladly appreciated! The wait is driving me crazy. Just want to resume a normal life that involves traveling. Cant until I figure out whats going on. Medical care abroad can be spotty and poor in austere locations.

Thank you!
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