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HELP!! Chronic problems since birth of my daughter

Hi I need help!

Before my daughter was born I started with digestive issues following a rather strict diet, where I lost 5 stone.  I could hardly eat anything and when I did I would get loads of wind, stomach distended and then would burp for hours.  A few months later started with gnawing in stomach and then that went.  Whilst having my baby I had no problems with digestion but 5 months after she was born the gnawing started and I have now had it constantly for 7/8 months.  Doctor has tried me on omeprazole and lanzaprole but all that gets rid of is the heartburn but not the gnawing.  Some weeks it is really bad other weeks not as bad.  Next step is a camera down my throat... but what could this be?  If it was an ulcer, surely it would have healed by now!  I'm thinking possibly gastritis, but it's making my life really hard to deal with as I have four children, I'm 40 and under a lot of stress... also I am breastfeeding.  Can anyone make any links here between anything I'm doing or not doing.  I also take a probiotic tablet to help stomach

Any help or tips would be sooo appreciated!!
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