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I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia about 2 years ago.. i suffered for SO long .. not knowing what was going on.

here is a list of symptoms i was experiencing.. and some.. is still do.

when i got heartburn.. WOW>. i get it. stays for DAYS.

i would have this "wierd" sensation between my breasts.

pain in the chest.

sometimes.. it would feel like my heart was jumping around... but.. i it was the hernia.. working its magic.

i now take digest pills.. works great.
it seems like i have flare ups.. was told those are common.

i had to have a endoscopy.. to confirm the hernia..

just yesterday.. i was having spasms ... it sucked.

i try to eat the right things now.. because when i dont.. i pay for it.. you shouldnt eat **** anyway.. but we are all human..lol

what are your symptoms?
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I had no symptoms whatsoever. The hernia was found when I had an endoscopy and biopsy of the small intestine (I have had Crohn's for some 34 yrs and need an endoscopy every 5 yrs to monitor stricturing.) I have no problems with acid reflux, or pain. Just one of those things I guess. Gastro doesn't want to do anything about it - his attitude is: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  
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have an apointment this month with a lung doc and upper gi. i always have the need to take a deep breath. started about 4 years ago after some cosmetic surgery. i started reading posts about people being short of breath and couldnt figure out why and they ended up getting a scope done and found out they had gerd or hernia.
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i have a small one which was discovered during a recent endoscopy.  my doctor said it was small and noncomplicating, so he said we'd do nothing about it.  i never felt it, still don't, have no symptoms, and would never have thought i'd had it in the first place!  mine is very minimal and not a big deal.
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My symptoms have been very cardiac in nature.  It is hard for me to really believe that all my symptoms are from my hiatal hernia/GERD but since all cardiac testing has come back negative and my cholesterol are excellent I guess it is all related to my digestive problems.

I have upper chest pressure that radiates to both shoulders and up into my neck/jaw, left arm discomfort (pretty much there all the time) and abdominal pain.  I was diagnosed in July 2007 and I go for a follow-up tomorrow with my GI doc.  I am hoping he can shed some light on this because my symptoms have been HORRENDOUS for about 2 months now.  Had another stress echo about 3 weeks to double-check that it is not my heart.

I am suffering so much and I just wonder how many others are out there like me.  It is really starting to take a toll on me!

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I have been reading about this haital hernias, For some time now.  I suffered from reflux, my body retains water like a water balloon, my feet and hands are always swollen.  I took water pills for about a year and lost almost 30 pounds of water I'm sure.  I have a normal blood pressure, I have good colesterol generally am healthy.  I have this huge protruding stomach that is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever felt in my life.  It has gotton worse.  I am going to go to the Doctore and express my concerns to him (and God of course).  The more I read about haital hernias the more I believe that this could be my problem.  My upper gastrol areas is huge and uncomfortable.  This pulls on my lower back.  I can last up to 2-3 on little food and water because I feel so full all the time.  My stomach has become more noticible to me and others.  I look pregnant.  I have pain between my ribs and under my chest.  I realy feel bad during my monthly freakouts (menstral).  I sometimes feel light headed and short of bread.  My back hurts right now because of my stomach pressure.  I do not want any surgery because I have two children and both were delivered by c-section.  I can barely sit up without feeling presssure in my upper gastrol area.  I feel pressure from just sitting down right now.  Sometimes my stomach is  a bit tender.  I am sick and tired of feeling this way.  I never thought this was a real problem until now.  Reading blogs have helped me to realize that my problem could really be a problem.  I have to go for now.  I will be calling Doc. today or tommorrow.
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I would definetly call your doctor asap!  I have the stomach tenderness that is especially bothersome when sitting down.  I had no idea that I had a hiatal hernia, I had an endoscopy to check for GERD and they found it.  I take Protonix 20 mg 2x a day for my symptoms and I had my GB removed in 9/07.  My symptoms did subside for awhile but lately they have been back.  I really hope you do not have a hiatal hernia....it is hell.  I want to have another child but like you I had a c-section and with the hernia I am scared it will get worse if I get pregnant.  My son was lodged under my ribcage and he was 8 lbs. 11 oz. when he was born.  Everyone seems to think my pregnancy caused my hiatal hernia and GERD but I guess who knows.

Call your doctor and get a referral to a gastro doc asap!  I wish you lots of luck!

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Hiatal hernias are ridiculously common in western culture. The weird thing is that in traditional Asian or European cultures hiatal hernia occurs in less than 1%. In the US we see a figure anywhere from 10% all the way up to 80% of adults. We know it is about 60% of adults over 50 that have one. Out of everyone that has one about 50% of them show no symptoms at all. The other 50% have symptoms that vary widely though that is expected as digestion and nutrient disruption has the potential of that.

Several studies have concluded the cause to be stress on the diaphragm from improper bowel movements. The specific cause is the position in which you have your bowel movements. Sitting down is not the proper way. It puts too much pressure on the diaphragm because you have to push down with it. The squatting position used in most Asian cultures is the proper way. The same with giving birth. Your perineum and the nerves within it should not be damaged when giving birth yet it is extremely common. There are several articles that you can find online dealing with this issue. Chairs and "sitting" seem like the natural way to rest, eat, and go to the bathroom because we've been coerced into thinking it is the "civilized" way. Most toilets in China, Korea, Japan, and other places that have not adopted the western way are made to be squated on instead of sat on. This is how most people there wait for things too. When waiting for trains, resting, even eating you see people in the squatting position quite often. If you want more info just search around.

Ok, so common symptoms of hiatal hernia seem to be trouble eating/pain while eating or soon after, feeling of something stick below your sternum, trouble breathing or getting a full breath (requires yawning or "breathing with the shoulders"), acid reflux (especially when laying down), feeling full all the time even with minimal eating, pops and gurgling for no apparent reason, back pain in back of stomach area and/or above the left hip, pain in the left chest area, general weakness along the left side of chest and abdomen, tiredness, trouble swallowing or lump in throat predominantly on one side.

That seems like a long list for common symptoms, but that is basically it. Other symptoms include headaches, butt pain, hip pain, pain when walking (usually occurs near the left hip or top of leg), overall back pain, pain in side of neck or shoulder (usually left side), etc

There can also be several symptoms from malnutrition that can occur.
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I am currently diagnosed with a hiatal hernia .  Before I went to the doctor to get and endoscopy done, I had sharp, jabbing pains in my right side of my stomach and sometimes the left.  I would also get the sharp pains in my bladder and right in the middle where my diaphram is located.  I would get heartburn.. almost felt like kidney stones.  Now my doctor has found the hernia and prescribed me some IC PROTAZOLE SOD. Tablets which reduces the amount of acid my body produces; cuz what a hiatal hernia does is helps the acid from your body, go into your esophagus and causes damage.  Ever since I took the tablets, I have no more acid..PERIOD!  I do get occassional sharp pains but they are not as bad and not that frequent.  I have to eat healthier and that seems to help.. Plus dont eat to much at one meal... just puts pressure on it.  Hope this helps. - Brittany-
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Hey, sorry to hear about your illness.  I'm not sure if what you have is a hernia but you definately need to see a doctor about this.  I had symptoms like this myself, but chose to ignore them, not a good idea...I ended in the
ER three times in one month, with three different surgeries.  I did have a hiatal hernia and let it go until I was vomiting so serverely and running an extreme temperature, that I had no choice but to call an ambulance, at this point not even able to drive.  They did a mesh repair, and I went home about a week later, was back for the same thing ie...vomiting, fever, and they removed part of my colon that was blocked.  I recovered and then was back again for the third time with an infection in the sutures.  So they cut me back open again....and sent me home without any sutures and it was a nightmare for the next four months.  I wasn't able to work, I had a nurse come in every day to change my bandages and also clean a suction machine thingey??? not sure what it was called, I actually can't remember but it was a pain.  I know for Sure the next time I have symptoms, I won't ignore them and hope for them to go away.  Also I have had four c-sections and that was part of the reason I got the hernia, since it weakened my stomach walls.....Anyways, good luck to you mom!!!!  Let me know how it works out for you.....
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