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HIDA scan - only one picture?

I went to urgent care for the following symptoms: upper abdominal gastric pain in the middle, heartburn, very bad sore throat, fatigue, weakness, severe nausea (gurgling in my throat, lumpy too). He prescribed me prilosec and phernegan and went on my way. The prilosec made the nausea worse and so I stopped taking it. Symptoms continued, except the pain moved to my left flank side (I have chronic kidney stones), and it was excruciating. I occasionally still get upper abdominal pain, much like indigestion, but it only occurs when my stomach is empty. I still get intermittent nausea, tingling in my hand and face, fatigue, weakness, and strange muscular twitching throughout my abdomen - back, under my ribs, my sides. My bowel movements have been normal and I have no reaction to food, fatty or not.

I have had two ultrasounds, both which the doctors said appeared to be contracted, without stones. I had a HIDA scan done today. They injected the tracer, and took several pictures. I waited 15-20 minutes, and they took many more pictures. I then sat for 20 minutes while the CCK dripped into my IV , and I experienced no pain, nausea, etc. (just a cold arm!) . Back to the camera, I felt a sudden slight pinch and it went away, and they only took one picture. I asked the technician why and he said he wasn't allowed to say, but the doctor should have my results this afternoon. My appointment is tomorrow anyway.

I am nervous because I have heard that acalculous cholecystitis is caused usually by an underlying illness, either hereditary or by HIV. I've never been tested for HIV and it makes me nervous! Aren't there other causes for this? I eat healthy because of my kidney stones, I'm 25 yrs old female, 96lbs and 5'3".

What else could these symptoms be from? Why would they only take one picture after the CCK?

Thank you for any insight!!!
Sincerely ~ internet researcher hypochondriac :)  
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Sorry, my *gallbladder* appeared contracted! :)
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