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HIGH LIPASE LEVELS (Normal Amylase Levels Though) for 2+ YEARS

Hi i'm a 26 year old female, over the past 2.5 years i've been suffering with what doctors thought was pancreas problems.   My lipase levels are thru the roof, last week was 1600 and I've been as high as 5000, lowest I think i've ever been has been 500.  
I've had my gallbladder removed, all my meds stopped, started, stopped, etc., had a feeding tube in both arms, wasn't allowed to eat for 6 months, spent months in the hospital, have had about 15 ERCPs and EUC tests combined, stents put into my pancreas, which later fell out.....have seen every possible surgeon/gastric specialist in Ontario, Canada, and yet no one seems to know what is wrong with me.  I get "attack" pains, sometimes out of the blue, where my right side, under my rib cage/breast feels like its tightening up sooo much, contracting and feels like a heart attack (well what I would think a heart attack would feel like).  Yet thru it all, my pancreas has been 'normal' no swelling, no cysts, etc.  I DO however, have Pancreas Divisum - where my pancreas did not 'fuse' right in the womb, and causes all of the digestive juices to squeeze thru a very small opening.

Does ANYONE have ANY suggestions?  I've been on morphine for pain for 2.5+ years, and a TON of meds.  I just want my life back AND a diagnosis, because after being treated for the past years for pancreatitis divisum, my doctors are now telling me that it may not even be my pancreas after all?????   I'm stumped and hoping someone out there has seen/heard of anything like this.  

FYI my amalayse levels have been normal the entire time --- only my lipase levels have been elevated.
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