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Has Anyone Had Herniated Disks From Colonoscopy

I had my first and last routine colonoscopy 5 weeks ago and I was perfectly healthy and very active before procedure. I was injured during the colonoscopy and L 4 and L5 disks were herniated during procedure. I had no problem with hemorrhoids and now I have painful external hemorrhoids and my rectum is sore and swollen 5 weeks after the colonoscopy. I called the GI who performed it and she would not return my calls. I had exrays 2 days after colonoscopy because I had severe sciatica pain on my right side. Exrays showed herniated disks and MRI was ordered and injection of pain main in my spine suggested and appointment made with spine surgeon. My advice to ALL contemplating colonoscopy: DO NOT !!!! I was a Very Healthy Very Active Happy adult and now I'm in pain 24/7 and not able to enjoy any quality of my life and I am having dark thoughts and I'm very upset because my active vibrant life of being outdoors and active has been taken away from me by a GI who did not care about me at all. Please be honest GIs ! I did some research and a GI at Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC gives conferences to gastroenterologists on the dangers of colonoscopys. I would appreciate honesty and transparency from any Gastroenterologist regarding the positioning during the procedure and how my procedure injured me. Thank you
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Really, complications from a colonoscopy are rare.  I would not deter anyone from having one as it can most certainly save their life.  I am very sorry this happened to you though.  That's unfortunate.  ARe you working with a physical therapist? I had horrible hemorrhoids when pregnant.  I mean, like golf ball size.  The hospital gave me a pretty great remedy that DID work.  You use prep H when you go the bathroom, rub it on>  Then next time you go to the bathroom you use a Tucks wipe (which I think you can use wipes dipped in witch hazel) and leave it in your underwear.  Then prep H again the next time you go to the bathroom.  It does a nice job clearing them up.  Also, get your fiber, try not to strain.  AND, this is an option for you which is the new colo guard tests.  My doctor calls them 'poop in a box'.  I have done it. Basically you get an envelop that has a liner for your toilet. You go number two and drop in the drops that are included.  Pull out the liner, seal it and put into the provided lab mailing envelope and send it off.  It's 95% accurate.  The only downside is that if it is reactive, you then are to have the full colonoscopy to confirm.  Insurance companies usually love it as it is so much cheaper than traditional colonscopies  

But in general, this is an important test that has rare complications statistically.  
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