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Has anyone ever heard of a "black pancreas?"

I have had a ct, mri and yesterday a EUS. I was under the impression from my PC Dr. that it "could be cancer" and I had blockages in common bile and pancreatic ducts and they didn't know why. When I spoke with the Gastroenterologist yesterday before the EUS he said he doesn't see anything suspicious in the ct and mri done elsewhere.  After the EUS he said my pancreas is "abnormal appearing, charaterized by hyperechoic, heterogenous, lobular, parenchyma, a thickened, hypoechoic rim/capsule around the pancreas, and diffusely narrowed pancreatic duct and the ducts were dialated 14 mm. He also said my pancreas is "black and a differential diagnosis is autoimmune  pancreatitis".  In addition to hiatus hernia. Blood tests were taken and I am waiting for results.  Has anyone ever had these findings on a report? I am wondering why he said my pancreas color is black and what it could mean. I was so drugged that I didn't say much or ask anything before I left. I sit here waiting to find something out. I have been sick for going on 7 weeks now with pain and bathroom dependence.  No matter what I eat! Please let me know if you have heard of a black pancreas.  Thanks!
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If he said it is black, then that likely means inflamed with edema, and it's this water and infiltrates throughout the pancreas that causes the heterogeneous, "black"/hypoechogenic signal. What causes it will be determined by your new blood work, and if not, then a biopsy is likely.

You mentioned - pancreatic duct and duct that was dilated 14 mm. Is it the common bile duct that is dilated? Exactly where it is dilated is important.

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The report stated "there is dialation in the common bile duct  and  in the common hepatic duct  which measured up to 14mm."  The dialation noted on ct scan was 7 mm I think. I am really not sure. I was elated to hear I didn't have cancer! He didn't do a biopsy because he said "there wasn't anything to biopsy."

Thanks for the response. When I heard "black pancreas" I thought it was necrosis maybe. I hate all the waiting. Meanwhile the symptoms continue with little relief. I am even on fentanyl patch and norco. It feels like my upper abdomen is eating itself. This has been a long 7 weeks! Thanks again!
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