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Has anyone ever heard of gallbladder clips migrating and causing back pain?

I had my gallbladder removed in 2009. I have been having lower right side back pain since late December 2019 that has become increasingly worse and have also since developed sciatica on the same side. I have been seeing a spine specialist to no avail. In my most recent set of images, I should also mention that, in 2017, I had a total hysterectomy with bilateral slapingo-oophorectomy, we noticed that the clips from my gallbladder surgery are now in my lower right abdomen. I’m scheduled for an MRI to be able to get more detailed images but would like to know if anyone has heard of anything like this before?
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Surgical clip migration can occur but typically an incidental finding rather than a complication, unless there is evidence of surrounding fat stranding, abscess formation, or perforation into adjacent organs.
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