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Having trouble with pooping when in fear/stress


I'm a healthy male in early 30s. I have done colonoscopy with biopsy, endoscopy with biopsy, kreatinine test, parasite tests, calprotectine tests - all the mentioned tests came say that I am healthy with no Crones Disease nor any other...

HOWEVER when something frghtens me or makes me very anxious (or maybe even excited) I feel the urgency to poop... That would be "expectable" I believe? However there's another problem with this: when this happens to me I get a very runny poo (diarrhea) and the urge is quite strong. After the defecation I feel itchiness in my rectum, yet I have no visable hemorrhoids...

Why does this happen to me ONLY when I take a "stress-poop" and NEVER when I take normal poop? The itchiness and sometimes a little fresh blood on the paper, just like I had hemorhoids... What can I do about this? It makes me "afraid of getting afraid" :/
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So how often does this happen?

How long after you get scared or anxious do you get the diarrhea? I ask because is it maybe a reaction to something you are eating or drinking? Do you have a comfort food? Do you drink alcohol? Take any meds?

You could have internal hemorrhoids, which you can't see from the outside. Is the blood bright red? That's usually a sign of internal hemorrhoids. If you are pooping a lot, it could just be from wiping a lot.

If you are stressed and/or anxious a lot, are you getting help for that? One thing you can do to help prevent the stress poops is to help prevent the stress.

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No meds, 1 beer / day or none at all, depends on peroid of time. No corelation found. Problem persists for almost 10 years. It happens rather rarely, ocassionally, when sth rly stresses me out of a sudden... Not even once  a month luckily, but the more stress I feel, the bigger the problem gets.

I have no food intolerance. Tested. Can go eating anyting EXCEPT FOR SPICY FOOD for weeks with no side effects. No corelation found but SPICY food gives me diarrhea and pain the stomatch (I get no stomach pain EVER except for spicy food).
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I don't poop often, max 2 times a day. The problem happens after 1st poop after getting really stressed with something, in matter of 5-15 minutes... Maybe I do have internal hemorrhoids, but why do they ONLY itch/bleed when I have a "stress-poop'? ... Other than that I get no problems...
Well, it's diarrhea, so it could just be irritation causing the itching and bleeding. It could be from stomach acid in the diarrhea causing it.

It may not be hemorrhoids. It could be simple irritation. If it isn't happening that often, heals quickly, and only happens when you're stressed, it doesn't sound like cause for alarm. Your doctors and tests have all ruled out anything serous.

Spicy foods affect a lot of people that way - myself included.

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So is it considered "normal" to get a diarrhea SIMPLY from being overstressed/scarred?
I wouldn't say it's "normal", but it's not uncommon.



These articles explain how it all works. It doesn't mean anything is wrong - it's just a response to things happening in your body.
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Problem is I get this itching and a little bit of fresh, bright-red blood on paper whenever I poop after being STRESSED even when it doesn't end with diarrhea... It's an urge to use the bathroom but it's not a diarrhea most of the times, however it ALWAYS ends with itching and a little bit of blood - the more severe, the more severe the tress/scare was...

Why does this happen ONLY after being scarred/stressed? Even after completly fine stools...
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