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Heart or heartburn?

For the last 2 nights after supper, I have had pain in the left side, under my breast, going to my back, and heartburn; If it had been on my right side, I would have thought it was the gallbladder. After I took Pepto-Bismol AND Tums, it eventually went away. Last night it happened again, after supper, but this time the pain also went into my left arm down to my elbow. I took the Pepto as before, then started thinking maybe heart? And I knew if I took aspirin it would help the arm pain anyway, so I took two. After awhile I took Tums to stop the heartburn. I felt better after awhile. What could it be? Could it actually be heart-related, or is it just that I'm eating greasy food? Also, I do have a PEG tube I've had since surgery in May. I don't use it anymore, just Flush it out every day.
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Sounds like acid reflux  gerd ..... you know I would still have it checked out..
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Yeah, I should probably do that; It's the middle of the afternoon, I just finished eating and I'm hurting again...Feels like the rib up under my left breast is sore. My back (on the left) is feeling sore, too.
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Does sound like Gerd or an ulcer, after eating is the significant symptom, let us know what they say ...I get acid reflux when I eat certain things, diet is the cure.  
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I'm thinking now it might be my PEG tube; I'm going to see about getting it taken out soon. Thanks for your reply - hope you have a blessed day! :)
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