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Heartburn !

Hi everyone. My Doc send me for a barium swallow test and the impression were.

1) Small hiatal hernia.
2) Prominent gastric folds at the cardia level.

I know what to do with the first impression and I know what is that. BUT the second one I really have NO idea what it is and what to do with that problem. Believe it or not I show this results to a General Doctor before I have to show this to a Gastroenterologist and the General Doc told me that he does NOT know what is the second impression. Please is somebody know what is that and what to do I really will be grateful.

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A  number of underlying Gastropathies & G/I conditions are associated with enlarged/prominent gastric folds, such as Chronic Gastritis (most common), Benign tumors, Lymphoid hyperplasia and Gastric malignancy.
Such impressions are frequently associated with H. pylori infection, which should be ruled out!
The cardiac level is likely in ref. to the cardiac orifice of the stomach at the side of the body of the 11th thoracic vertebra, however, it's best to discuss this with the clinician whose name appears on the report, for verification purposes.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes,

Thank you for the info!
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