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Heartburn and Fresh squeezed lemon

I have Heartburn from time to time during last 10 years. recently I found that drinking fresh squeezed lemon eliminate this pain.
I wonder if is good to eliminate the heratburn with that or can it cause any problem.
Can anyone help ?
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Lemon juice is acidic, and that along with vinegar, can help alleviate nausea by changing the acidity of your stomach.  I can truthfully state that I have beaten off seasickness with citrus juice, pickle juice, and other acidic beverages.  Fighting stomach acid with a different acid is a time-honored homeopathic remedy.  Matter of fact, one of the over-the-counter nausea remedies relies heavily on citric acid.  My mother was able to quell morning sickness with a tall glass of orange juice on the recommendation of her Pharmacist father-in-law.  If it works, don't fix it.  :-)

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