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I have taken the max amount of tums you can take and it didnt help. Then I took a nexium 40mg and that didnt work. I have pains pretty bad in chest an back, it even hurts to breath sometimes, it's been like this for 19hrs.
What do I do?
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Hi Cass167,
sorry you are having this problem. Since the over the counter meds are not working you should see a doctor. They may need to do an Upper GI to make sure you don't have an ulcer. Also, The chest pain and back pain needs to be checked too. I don't want you to put off going to the doctor but it does take a month or two for Zantac or Prilosec to heal an ulcer or you may reflux even if you don't feel it. Please get this checked out.
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get off the tums or rolaids, they make it worse.    Pickle Juice helps alot. try it and sit up straight   and relax   just take a couple of sips of dill pickle  i like the deli style from sams club. great..  will pray for you , i would go to the doctor and have him help you too..
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