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Help- Omeprazole & Having Heart Pain/Pressure

I was recently diagnosed with gastroparesis, hiatal hernia, and GERD. I got prescribed Omeprazole 20mg to take twice a day, but I am only taking the tablet once a day because I don't want to have a horrible repeat attack (like I had last time I took it daily for a month) when I have to stop the medication. Plus I'm scared of side effects. I've been having very uncomfortable heart/chest pain when I first started taking it, but then it went away, I thought. Today, I'm having even worse hard pressure, tightness, very uncomfortable feeling on the right side of my heart. First it started right in the center and now it's like moving to the right side. What the heck is going on?? Could the Omeprazole be causing this?? Also has anyone else ever had these side effects with acid reducers?? My gastroenterologist gave me a different PPI called Protonix, but I read that has even worse side effects, so I'm not going to take that. What should I do??

Oh and I am also on methadone maintenance, but am doing a quick detox because it is probably causing my gastroparesis. Could this be adding to the heart pain/pressure??
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