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Help. Can't poop. What can I eat to help?

Not sure I have constipation as in hard stool but it doesn't want to come out for days. I have tied many many laxatives and no luck. It's like there is no lube in my colon. I eat lots of fiber but that's not working. I need something to add lube when I digest my food. Most of the natural fibers work but result with irritation that makes me have to stop. The worst thing that can happen is I get an upset stomach and I stop eating or taking what you suggest. But I don't know what else to try. Can anybody recommend a food or something to add in to my diet to help me poop? Thank you.
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I have the same thing !! I feel nauseous or have a sore stomach at least 4 days out of the week ( not for a full straight day but off and on ). I am almost always bloated after eating and probably poop only 3-4 times a week sometimes not even. I do admit I could probably eat better foods but I don't know what to buy that will help and that I will still somewhat enjoy eating..
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I totally know what you mean. I honestly wish it didn't matter what I ate ! People think I am being picky or over reacting, but they don't know how I feel :S
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You could try eating raisins. Or what I usually do if I go a few days without being able to poop is buy a jug of apple juice, real apple juice not from concentrate, I like the simply apple brand. And I wait until I know I'm going to be home for a while then what i do is drink the whole jug or as much of it as I can, usually about a half gallon to a gallon. Then I wait.. At this point I drank so much I look pregnant and can't really bend over lol then about 15-20 minutes later my stomach starts to empty out. This is a drastic measure!! Because for about the next two hours or more I'm running back and fourth from the bathroom trying to hold in my poop by the time I'm done the juice flushed so much out of me that the liquid is almost clear.. this will give you liquid poop witch thank god usually doesn't burn. It just kinda pours out so make sure if you do this your home for the night... Good luck pooping :)
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Im 16 and i can barely poop. I wont be able to for 2-3 days then i will get really bad craps and when it gets really.bad i will feel nauses and throw up. Why is this and what can i do to fix it FAST please!
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The best thing to do to solve your constipation is to start introducing more fiber into your diet from raw, and natural sources such as leafy greens,fruits,avocado.  Having been an avid junk food and coffee drinker during my younger years, I have also had my fair share of horrific episodes with constipation.  My unhealthy eating habits started to get to me and I became violently ill to the point that I could not eat any processed or cooked foods.  I have been on a 100% raw food diet since then and my bowel movements have returned full force.  I have noticed that "green smoothies" in particular jumpstart bowel movements literally after you drink it.  I fill a blender with a little bit if sunflower seeds, then 1 1/2 avocados, and then fill the whole blender up with kale and that has got to be the most powerful laxative cocktail on planet earth.  Also make sure to drink plenty of lemon water.  What many people don't realize is that lemon is in a class if its own due to its antiseptic propererties.  It purified the blood which then also is a potent fighter against constipation.
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hey! i just read your comment and that's exactly how i feel! what can you recommend? I'd love it if you could send me some notes, too.
thanks so much, please reply asap!
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yo, I had to jump in on the conversation. I think i have found a solution with the all organic-non-gmo method of eating. only eat that.

I have been constipated for over a week. I swear i think either my old roommate poisoned my ice cream or I ate bad snicker ice cream. Then after I moved out I ate some bagels in my new town. Big mistake.

I was seriously constipated, the only thing that would come out was a thin rinky dink thing.

Finally the way I got rid of it is as follows. Drink lots of water, eat only organic fruits and vegatables, drink one shot of espresso per day, drink more water, eat lots of organic figs, drink prune juice, drink more water, drink organic unfiltered apple juice (buy the gallon) and man finally it passed. It was like a stick sludge, good thing the figs softened it up. It took 9 days, finally i called in sick an drank the apple juice whew.
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It drastically helps my condition, any ideas? Neurological side effect on the digestive system? Food allergy?
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Benadryl drastically helps to regulate my digestive system while on it. Any ideas?
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Is hard to poop but you can  can eat something that can make you poop. IF YOU CAN NOT POOP FOR 2 WEEK YOU GO TO BE SINK.
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im Sooo scared, Im really young and its my 4th day, last time I pooped I cant believe how much it was! i hope my colon did not expand! I will not go to a docter. Im so scared!! i cant swallow pills. i only ate 2 little pieces of Ex-lax last time but i went on 5th day!! I cant handle enemas, i used it wen i was a little younger. i dont think any food is gonna work. Im so scared cuz wen i eat sometime only sometimes i can feel it drop to my stomach. :( im sooooooo scared!!! and its 2 days before christmas!!
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I think you may have the same thing as I had.
For around 4 years I have been unable to go. I went through the exact same process as you, trying to deal with it, natural remedies, jumping, apparent allergies, frequent hospitalisation, gastro tubes after four years my very persistent gp found out what was wrong. My pelvic floor had collapsed against my colon
Becuase of this there was two surgerys I could have one to have a synthetic colon or have a mace, a direct way to flush you out through you appendix :) hope this might be helpful to you. Don't want some else to go through what I did
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It's been a few days since you posted your comment, hopefully the issue has been resolved all on it's own. But going forward if it happens often you should ask your doctor if you can take products such as the ones below.

These most likely won't help your issue now but if taken can prevent it from being a problem in the future.

IF YOU STILL HAVE A PROBLEM there are liquid laxatives that can flush out what's held up if no other serious issues are present. I can't suggest which one or if you need one, that's only something your doctor can suggest. Almost always when you FIRST see your doctor they recommend a liquid or powder drink which is easiest on people. You have other options that don't involve pills, ect. Products that don't even have medicine in them, for example a poly formula or undigestible fiber that only is made to hold water. Please talk to your doctor, just talk, it's your choice what you allow or choose to do. It's always best to ask for help if you think you need it. It's just talking. Hope these suggestions help start a discussion with your general practice doctor.

Ask if each one is ok, how much you can take total over 24 hours and if you can divide up the total allowed amount between all meals. And if you're allowed to mix the 2 products together should neither of them give you results. ALTHOUGH I DON'T recommend mixing them, unless you've tried both individually for a few days each, and discussed the results with your doctor. Malnutrition is a concern if too much is used as foods may not get a chance to digest, and at a young age you can't afford that.


I can't even recommend how much to take of them, just know that if you take the right amount, not too much and not too little each one should help. But this is a question for your doctor who knows you personally. All I can do is recommend these products to discuss with your doctor and suggest questions to ask such as how much you can take over 24 hours and if you can divide up that amount between each meals of the day. There are different ways of taking it, I found mixing with meals helped me the most to prevent the problem from ever starting.

There are 2 products I'd recommend that may be taken daily to "prevent" getting backed up. You would need to ask your doctor if these products would be acceptable for you, and how much you can have with each dose. Because of your age I'm not sure how to suggest dosing or if any at all is safe for you. You should explain to your doctor what problems you're having and ask if you can take either of these products and the "MAXIMUM" amount per day that is acceptable for you. These products have worked best in me when I divided up my daily dose amount with each meal, every time I eat. All it does mostly is hold water so food in your digestive track can't harden up to pass though easier and quicker. Too much and you can't get enough nutrition which is why it's best to ask your doctor before taking it. It's taken every day with each meal. This way constipation doesn't have a chance if dried out poo is causing your issue.

Both of these can be found at your local food store or drug store over the counter. They are not medications. They are Fiber or Laxative designed to hold water. If you take them every day with each meal you may see that you will need less of the stuff.

First one I like is Metamucil Powder. Just mix with water and take with your meal. You could even mix it in to your food, but still have the proper amount of water recommended to mix with the power during your meal since the powder needs water. Metamucil Powder is made from Cilium (psyllium) FIBER. SIDE EFFECTS... GAS. If you start to get gas which many people do than you probably wouldn't want to continue taking it.

Another option if Metamucil doesn't work for you is a product called MiraLax. This is a different type of laxative. It a poly that holds water. Again a small amount is taken with every meal. MiraLax it more likely I think in my opinion to flush out good nutrition if too much is take so in my opinion Metamucil is my first choice.

A small amount with each meal as "directed by your doctor". Both are powders that get mixed with water or mixed with your foods as long as you have enough water with them.

I don't think you have much to worry about talking to your doctor as it's a common problem if there's no underlying issues not told on here. Just talking to your doctor usually ends up with recommending a powder drink such as these above. The doctor may talk to you over the phone and not require an appointment even. The issues start when you start taking products like these and NO PROGRESS after taking these products is seen. There are so many products to prevent constipation, I like to recommend these first because they work well so you hopefully don't end up backed up again.

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Omg I thought I was the only 1 going through this. Is going to be some sort of diet and we can all get on to regulate bowel movement. I'm suffering from constipation since she was a child. and now has a stoma from diverticulitous. Not a joke. If I find something that works ill keep all of u posted
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Thanks, I'm going through this, too.  Posted comments have been helpful mainly in letting me know that I'm not alone and don't necessarily have something like colon or bowel cancer.  Unfortunately, I don't even have insurance right now where I can to go dr. to find out.  I will try use some of the suggestions here and not panic.
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hi, you mentioned in a note to "crystalfresh" 2 products she might try so she can have soft stool,,,and maybe a bowel movement,,,where would I buy either or both of these products? "Colon Clear Formula" and "Total Body Purifier".

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Mirilax, tastes like nothing, mix it in everything, and you'll be pooping with in a day or 2 depending:)
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Hi, I just joined the conversation and I must say all of this has been helpful. I have Crohn's and the only thing that helps me go reg. is Strawberry Mini Wheats (cereal). I notice that McDonalds will do it sometimes but the cereal is the best bet. So many try that once a day. Everything that you guys have said has been very helpful because I'm looking for fruits that would help too. Maybe try to mini wheats brand, seems to work for me.
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Take 1 spoonful of castor oil and dink lots of water. this will make you go, it gave me stomach cramps the very first time I tried it so be careful. But it never did again!

and 4 spoonfuls of pure coconut oil per day. it doesn't taste good, yuck! But it hydrates and gives you lube. I promise it hellps! (and it makes cured my dry skin)

I have the same problem and suffer severe constipation.
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Eat beans. Tons of things with beans. It will build up and make you really have to go. Don't want this to last at all because you can get diverticulosis like me. It is what happened to me. I was suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks when my daughter was born. I ended up getting completely backed up and now I have that disease diverticulosis. You don't want it. Never be able to eat popcorn or any thing with seeds on it ever again for life. Can't even eat burgers anymore due to the seeds all over the bun.
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I'm 18 and have struggled with constipation all my life, I'm constipated now again and haven't been for a week at the moment. It's really hard, and feels very big and I can't seem to get it out without it feeling like its tearing my skin and bleeding! I'm not sure what to do, I've tried all the food I can this week and laxatives but nothings worked.. I need to get it out because I have stomach problems at the moment from a car accident I was in recently. anyone know what I can do to get it out? It's just the first bit, it's solid! But when I try little buys come out but not the whole thing! Help! I know it was caused from medication I was on, but I wasn't warned before hand and now I'm left stuck..
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Daughter (15) and I (45) both have issues. It was suggested to us to use Mineral Oil. Kind of a goofy texture, but probably similar to castor oil. Mineral oil does not really have a taste if mixed in well to a drink.

Really appreciate all the info and comments. Very helpful. Thanks.
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Kind of funny, but not. If it works, it works.  ;) http://www.toiletyogamovement.com/
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...and there's always Taco Bell. (rectal rocket) ;)
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YES!  I pooped on day 4!  I tried Miralax + 10 enemas but didn't work.  I did tried the nurse finger butt thing but that's impossible.  Tried getting drunk to loosen up but I just had a hangover the next morning.

I drank 10 FL OZ of Magnesium Citrate and 10 FL OZ of prune juice.  Pretty much one shotted both.  An hour later and I clogged by toilet.  Lost 2 pounds.

I'm 33 and in good health.  F U to the commentor who said it might be appendicitis.  Scared the crap out of me.  It was just a super sized dump.  Hope this helps anyone with the same problem.
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Ok this is what I did and it worked.

1) read all these comments and other comments in forums - it'll make you feel you're not alone, and will calm your nerves. that'll help you relax your anal muscles/nerves, which in turn will help the stool to come out.

2) drink 4 tall glasses of water.

3) get hold of some KY and lubricate the outter area of the anus, as well as a little bit inside until you feel the stool (it'll feel hard, or pointy, or a variation of these, and thats ok)

4) dont sit on the toilet for too long. if you feel its not coming out, then stand up - that'll generate bowel movement and will get you going again.

Remember - you'll have to push it out at some point, and it'll hurt a little. BUT THE RELIEF IS AMAZING.

If you have a history of hemorrhoids though, try not to push too hard. or if you do, and the poop comes out, apply an ice pack on the anus so that the veins don't swell any further.

good luck!

*please note that I am not a medical professional. Please consult a medical professional for advice. My comments here are autobiographical only.
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im 22 years old and constipation has been an issue for as long as I can remember......I have been to the doctor but they only tell you to eat more veggies and drink water but that doesn't work.....here is what ALWAYS work for me after I have not gone to the bathroom....at bedtime I drink a tea called Traditional Medicinals organic Smooth Move ( it has a purple band going around and you can find it at wall mart or cvs pharmacies.....when im really constipated and haven't pooped for a while ill place two bags of tea in there...its less than $10) annddd when im simply not in the mood for tea ill drink Senna Laxative pills (I buy these at CVS pharmacies and simple buy the CVS brand which works as well as other brands)
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Try miralax i had the same problem and my doctor reccomended to me. You can get it in any drug store or pharmacy
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Right, Please follow this as its explained: This is a miracle, forget everything else, this is going to change your life: A cup of Prune Juice 2 hours prior to your out of bed time; for example; if you get out of bed at 7am, take the prune juice at 5am, go back to sleep, no activity whatsoever. When its time to get out of bed, do your usual thing, shower etc... then have a cup of HOT tea, after like 15 - 20 mins (can take longer depending on each individual and how your system reacts to it) you will go to the bathroom, you will keep going until all emptied out, lol, i've suffered from  constipation for decades, and discovered this myself.  I make sure I have plenty of stock (prune Juice) in my pantry.  Oh Yeah, forgot to mention this, when u go upstairs to your bedroom at night, take the juice with you and keep it next to you on the bedside or wherever is easier for you, it has to be room temperature.  TRUST ME THIS WILL HELP ANYBODY IN THE WORLD.  there are ways to take prune juice for constipation, my way is the best way. whoever tries this, please post here how it went.  GOOD LUCK! :)  If it doesn't work the 1st day, don't give up. And now i take this every single morning at 6am, i feel light as a cloud LOL x
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Hi. I have been reading all these comments. I have tried a lot of these and they did not work. A little over two years ago, I went to the hospital’s ER for rectal bleeding and lots of blood in my stool. I was 28 at the time and very scared. They keep me in for three days. In those three days I had, a couple procures done. When they did the colonoscopy, they noticed I had intern hemroids. Even after that, I was going regular. Well a few months later, I had to have a complete hysterectomy and ever since then I have not been able to go like normal. I will go up to three weeks every time without going. I have continued you to bleed big clots. I have gone to a GI and he could not help. I even returned to the hospital a few more times since. Now I am always bloated and there is always bad lower back pain by my spine and tailbone. Sometime I find a little relief when I bend over and hear a click. I have look and tried to figure out why this is happening. I am tired of all of this and I do not know what to do anymore.
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I'm in Thailand. My English is not good. But I 'll try. In Thailand if any one has problem with constipation and can't solve with laxatives. We will eat sour tamarind. It is one of natural herbs. Tamarind is rich of fibers and essential herb that can stimulate the movement of intestine. This can make the stool softer and easy for pooping. Try this if was available. Have luck.
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I am a colon hydrotherapist, who also happens to have suffered from constipation my whole life.   I would recommend trying a series of professional colon hydrotherapy sessions (colonics), like 3 within a week, to cleanse and tone your colon.  The water also helps to restore proper shape and sensitivity to the colon, and for some people this can restore more normal function
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have you tried prune or plum juice 1 cup can soften up 2 or more cups can cause diarrhea and that is a 6-8oz cup size
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Take magnesium every day. Cheap stuff from walmart is great. 250 to 750mg a day. Don't exceed that amount though. No cramps...no straining. Just regularity. 90% of Americans have magnesium deficiency. Before anyone freaks out going on day 4 without going, take magnesium and go to bed. You will visit the toilet first thinkin the morning. Also helps with sleep, dementia ,  heart rhythm,  blood sugar imbalances, leg cramps, digestion, protects nerves, helps with anxiety and irritability.
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I'm only 13 (in 8th grade). Lots of asians eat this kind of rice. It helps like a lot and i mea it. Eat something called brown rice. I don't know where to exactly get it but it helps ( I'm not joking. This is no joke at all!!!). Brown rice lets you poop easily and helps your stomach get smaller. If your stomach is already small then u could still eat it. Brown rice helps you poop easily. Search u on where to buy brown rice. and make sure its only bown rice. No flavor at all. and when u eat it keep chewing for like a minute or 30 seconds each spoon you eat.
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Hi All,

I'm joining this conversation to quickly tell my story.
All my life, even as a baby, I could not go regularly.
Nothing ever works; no pills, no powder, no foods.
The only things that have somewhat helped are enemas, suppositories, and LOTS OF WATER.
Poop ***** :(
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im a little confused about the "digging it out" process, could you go into greater detail? perhaps you could provide a link to a diagram or video?  would you recommend i have a friend do the digging for me because there's a lot of stuff stuck up there right now.  I'm literally packed to the brim. thanks
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Take Phospho Soda  {Fleet} But check with Dr for OK
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I strained and ended up with diverticulitis - - I had a diverticuli bleed and Doctor in hospital put me on Miralax when needed - a stool softener - - I take if I have not gone for three days - - the other is a elderly wise Doctor from Europe told me that he has always advised his patients to take a small  cup of warm prune juice - and that really worked for me - - ANY BOWEL irregularity do get it checked it out - colonoscopies are not as bad as some say - my daughter had UC - and now has colon cancer - so DO NOT WAIT
Colonoscopies are hell. Just had one. That's why I can't go, now! Haven't gone for almost a week. : (Interesting blog! I have diverticulosis, too, btw).
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..get it checked out..I concur with dottie500.....if packed bad see your doctor...as they can help..root rooter..(gently) if a large hard bolus is there ...you do NOT want to dig and dig and end up with inner hemorrhoids or fissures....don't continue to strain...some people make hard hard stools that block the above stool and these are dangerous...so (keep a diary and you can relate YOUR habits to your doctor better...and you can state what you have tried) ..I will add this to the above suggestions...I take oral docusate sodium 100mg.....regularly..they recommend 1-3 caps daily to begin then take less as stool softens..as it will make new stool softer...nerves innervate the entire intestine and you may feel bloated or full yet you are ? ..Extra liquids with gas-x..for a day or so after a difficult BM helps me as does preparation H ointment..just massaging your abdomen a few minutes a day helps..websites referring to bowel habits help..blessings
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Ive joined this to tell my story which is on going.  I have tried everything and I mean everything for constipation and nothing works.  Ive cut foods out taken extra supplements you name it and nothing.  Its not that my stools are always hard they can be both but still I can not push it out.  I strain and strain and nothing works so Ive  had to help myself for the last few years and now I cant go at all without doing it.  I have to push it out using my thumb from the front back until it all comes out.  Its easier when its hard but when he stools are soft its hard work getting it all out without it hurting.  Ive been to the docs who said I would have to sit on a commode after taking a laxative and show what happens.  I dont need to i keep telling them I have tried all the laxatives going and nothing.  Even with diorhea i still cant get it out and then the pain is that intense that I have to do it myself again.  I do need help but not sure what they can do.  I must admit though once I have relieved myself theres no pain.  I dont even get the stomach ache to go I just get bloated or when Im having sex I feel I need to go so have to excuse myself else I might have an accident.  Thats the part which is really worrying me now.  If theres any docs on here please tell me what can be done.  
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I had similar problem with poops, every day I had pain around my belly. I was searching for some products for detox and I found smth called Fibre Primvital. For 2 months every day I used this natural grains and now I can say that finally I not worry about my metabolism. Iam living my life with fool of energy!
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Hey Sarah, where are you buying fibre primvital? I heard about this products, most of people recomended them spectacular results. Say smth more:)
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I order only from colonotherapy.co.uk, If you wanna know smth more write me on my private email.
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Have you tried the sea salt cleanse? I had did it and within 20 minutes and then by an hour .... relief. I watched Pamm Turner  on you tube- that was Most helpful....this morning.
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I am having bad constipation. Have had it now for about 3 weeks and can only pass water. I have tried laxatives, milk of magnesia, citrus mag, caster oil, enemas. Nothing helps only pass water. What can I do? Please help?
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popcorn makes me go big time
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Drink the Kelvita lemon, cayenne cleanse, lots of water, Kombucha tea, and easy digest tea. Basically several strains of good bacteria, eat lots of fiber rich foods and relax a lot-- visualize the poop coming out of your body, don't strain. Hope you feel better, I have to get a colonoscopy and this is the only way I've been able to relieve myself-- my doctors don't understand that laxatives don't work, so I've had to go about healing myself before the procedure. You really have to help your muscles, dance and walk a lot that also seems to help a bunch. .
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Remember we aren't suppose to be at the angle we are on our toilets our feet are supposed to bein a stool to release the sphincter muscle properly..... It worksi swear!  Of course diet needs to include fiber and lots of vitamin rich veggies! Hope that info helps
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