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Help for collagenous colitis

I have been diagnosed with collagenous colitis and have had severe diarhea symptoms for a year now. I have been on xifaxan, which made things tolerable but $60 per pill 3xday! and then entocort steroid $100 a pill 3xday which made things better and then asacol which made me extremely sick and bed ridden. Because of the cost and the fact that you should n't be on these drugs too long and when you are off them you are back where you started...I said I have to do something. All the while I was taking store bought probiotics and happened upon an article that stated most live bacteria in these packages are dead because of the amount of time that lapses from the manufacturer to the time they sit on the shelf and you take them. So I went in search of a live probiotic milk at my local "Mrs. Greens Natural food store" and bought a kefir milk which I mix with fruit, sugar and ice in a blender and immediately I felt better!  I have been doing this for 6 days now and the last three days I have had no other meds. I am having almost normal bowel movements and am sooo relieved!  I have my life back. Could this be all it takes after such distress?  Why isn't this advertised!  I know everybody is different but there is next to nothing in any forums or medical articles regarding this remedy and there are so many suffering. There are even fruit drinks for those that are lactose intolerant. I wouldn't have dreamed to eat fruit the way I was now I'm glad I took the chance...I'm just hoping this isn't some kind of temporary remission. Though I know it coincided with the drink. Love to here your comments..

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