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I am having a real bad day of stomach pain. Does anyone know of any home remedies for this pain. I have had numerouse tests done for my stomach with no help. This pain is so bad I cannot funtion at all. I try to do something and I just cannot. Please help me.......kim

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Hi Kim,

I know you have been having problems. With your past medical history, I really think you need to see your doctor regarding this. ANYTHING you take, including a home remedy, could cause a problem right now.

If it is that bad, please go to the ER. This has been going on for a while now and you need to have a p[professional look at it. I hope you get some relief.
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What suits one person, won't suit all, self diagnosis is not the way to go, please, go back to your doctor, tell all and ask to be referred to the hospital..
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HA HA HA, I know this lady. She has been to the ER a couple times in one week no testing just anti acids and told to see your PCP. She got a referal for a scope three months down the road. She has been to her pcp to many times to count. OB/Gyns, Endocrins, CRNs. Has a so much testing done she has more radiation then Fucushima Japan. Come on give me a break. She has done every thing they have asked from her. All she gets is anti acids. I would put two years and over 50 visits to doctors and testing as unacceptable! . If they got paid by results they wouldnt get 2 cents. Sorry its this way. You are very right though, ER is the resposible thing to do. But when you exaust every avenue you can find, what are you supposed to do? By the way I called her doctor when she was in the ER room and spoke to him personally, did not care even though his clinic has staff at the hospital. They all act like they want to help, but they fail to the degree of being unethical.
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