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Hemmorrhoids or not?

Hello, just over a week ago I felt a lump on my anus while wiping after a bowel movement. I took a look at it and it appeared to be a small lump between the size of a pea and grape and another smaller lump beside it. I did some research online and came to a conclusion that it may be Hemmorrhoids. I found out that they can be caused by straining or pushing a bowel movement (which is what I quite regularly do) lack of fibre and maybe even heavy lifting.

I've been taking baths and changed my (terrible) diet to include more fibre to help soften stools and make my bowel movements easier, as I have read this could help the situation. However since I first noticed these lumps, a couple of other lumps seem to have appeared (they are similar size to the original smaller one) - or I might have not noticed them when I first looked. Over the past few days, the shape and size of the lumps have not changed, and there isn't much discolouring either. Apart from a little discomfort when sitting down when I first noticed the lumps (which may have just been caused by worry), I have had no serious pain or discomfort. They do not cause me any pain when having a bowel movement, but since they are on the sphincters, it doesn't always make the bowel movement easy. Oh, and I have touched the larger one and it is fairly soft to touch and will move slightly.

I have also been using an icepack to cool the area. Will this help the lumps reduce in size? I have read that they can take anywhere between a few days, weeks or even months to 'go down' but may never fully go away. As I have already had these lumps for 2 weeks now, I'm wondering what else I can do to help them reduce in size/go down, or if this is something else other than hemmorrhoids. If anyone could offer me some help or suggestions, I would most appreciate it.

(I found this picture online http://www.procto-med.com/wp-content/gallery/hemorrhoids-pictures/hemorrhoids4.jpg and it's somewhat similar to what I have... if that helps)
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They have cremes at your local pharmacy that mignt help out.
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