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Hep C came back...I didn't think of that

Like I asked someone here...my Hep C came back after it showed clear for 52 also. I don't know if I'll  go for the next year of shot & pills yet? I don't know if that would be wise?
I have shocked myself about my Hep C...(I am a dun-bass about this) I don't know ANYTHING at all about it. It seems (in time) I'll end up sounding like a Doctor like everyone else that posts here, eh? Has anyone been in love with Milk Thistle? Have you ever hear of Teleprevir? What is Vertex? I was on Interferon 148 mg I think it was & Rebetol. I thought it would be over after my 52 week treatment.
Then I waited 8 months....went in for blood-work...my Doc said the count was 80,000?! I don't even know it could return. I didn't know what to ask her! People speak abot their counts ect. What count should I be looking at/for? Neutrophils? Bands %? Monocytes? RBC'S? What is that, how do I get more info on this? Anyone know the BEST site to check? Is this the best site to be on?
Thanks, Bob
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