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Hernia under left ribs?


I have upper left quadrant pain.

To be more specific, I've been having mild pain in one of my lower-most ribs on the left side for over a month now.
One rib feels especially sore to touch. Massaging that rib makes the pain go away. Sometimes the entire region feels sore to the touch. It is slightly painful to lie down on the left side.

Immediately below the left ribs, if you press the abdomen, you can feel something popping or crackling, and there is some movement inside (its not so if you press the corresponding right side of the abdomen). It's not painful if you press this area underneath the ribcage. But the rib itself is sore and slightly painful to press. Sometimes when I bend over I feel some movement in there, like some fiber is moving.

I had a doctor palpate my abdomen and she could not find anything. She thought it was a sore muscle or something. But I'm concerned about the movement beneath the left-side ribcage.

I was wondering if these are the signs of a hernia just underneath the ribcage, on the left side?
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I am 28 year old female.  I got swine flu and coughed a lot and then it started to feel like charlie horses in my left ribs under my breast.  It went away and now it is back for no reason.  I had chest xrays done and they could not find anything wrong with me.  I also had a neurologist look at my xrays and no one knows what is wrong.  When I cough or sneeze I can feel my ribs move and almost rub together or something.  Terrible charlie horse sensations when I try to lay down.
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I've also been experiencing a tender left rib, it's getting worse. It started by feeling like I'm there's something in my left side while sitting. Now hurting under left rib and feels like something sticks out. Had ultrasound, ct scan, nothing shows up. I'm getting so frusterated..  My physical therapist thinks it's a hernia.  Symptoms are getting worse and even went to emergency room in hopes they could find something.  Had anyone felt there was something in their side when sitting  but no standing?
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Mine started a few years ago, it came up as feeling like I was being stabbed in my ribs. Went to six different doctors and none of them knew what to do, did x-rays, ultrasounds and all that stuff. My Left side of my rib cage sticks out and if touched it becomes soar and alot of discomfort for a few days. I hate that we all are going through this.
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i also get the feeling when i am sitting down but i also get it when i am lying down in bed on my left side i then get to the point that it feels like my like my rib cage is just being squished has anyone else had this problem "PLEASE HELP"  
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I also have the same symptoms. Do any of you drink alot of soda? Please respond.
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Hi everyone Im a 31 and I have had this same feeling under my left rib for almost a year. It is most prevalent when I lie on my left or sit leaning to the left. While I did notice that it is most prevalent when I am stressed I have also noticed it when I am feeling a lot of joint pain! I have noticed that it is less prevalent when I take anti inflammatory meds like motrin and alleve but it does not go away. I am certain that it is not a hernia but some sort of tissue that is on the inside part of the skin, known as the viscera. It seems to rub on the left rib and if the position is correct it will hang up on the rib causing sharp pain. I have scheduled an appt this week and maybe I can work with my physician to get some answers. It would help if people listed any ailments such as cancer, anxiety disorders, arthritis etc in order to establish a pattern that may cause inflammation in this area
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